ASSP Candidates

Julia Battishill

Devin Martin-Atsatt | The Falcon

ASSP President 

“Next year, I’m going to commit to working with upper administration and my officer core in building accessible routes for students of all abilities.” – Talbot Miller
Miller makes the central core of his platform very clear outright: to increase the accessibility of SPU’s campus for all students. He promises to focus on accessibility for students with disabilities, and particularly emphasized physical disabilities. Miller knows that the structure of our campus is largely built on a hill, which leads to steep stairs and inclines that are not easily accessible to many. Additionally, he advocates for diversifying student government and for leadership that listens to its students.


Devin Martin-Atsatt | The Falcon

“I do pray every day for God to break my heart so I can really feel the experiences that all students are feeling on campus, so that will always be at the forefront of my leadership.” – Nathan Samayo

Samayo, the current student president, stresses “justice and equity” in his campaign. His main goal is to continue pushing to change the Statement of Human Sexuality in the SPU constitution, an effort that he began this year during his presidency. He is emphatic that strides have already been made on this front, and he hopes to continue and complete this goal in the coming year. His other major focus is on homelessness engagement, explaining that he is already working towards building a tiny home on campus. He plans to work towards more accommodations for students experiencing food insecurity.

Executive Vice President 

Devin Martin-Atsatt | The Falcon

“The biggest core value I have is integrity. Integrity is something I hold very, very close to my heart. Honest conversation, honesty and transparency”  – Nate Canny
Canny’s platform largely focuses on student involvement. The uncontested candidate is concerned by how many students do not seem to know what ASSP is, or what it does within campus life, and he hopes to increase awareness of what Senate can do for students. One goal of his campaign is to make senate sessions more accessible to students, by holding them in more widely recognized spaces such as Weter, the SUB and residence halls. He also emphasized the importance of honesty and trust in student government, which he sees as a result of his promise to garner more student knowledge of ASSP and its functions. He is devoted to being accessible to students for questions and discussion

Vice President of Campus Activities

Devin Martin-Atsatt | The Falcon

“I firmly believe that through getting students engaged in the activities that we currently have … we can bring about more unity and more inclusiveness.”
– Andrew Josselyn
Josselyn, also an uncontested candidate, is very clear about his goals to unify campus and include every student in campus activities. His goal is inclusiveness that reaches further than just words, but also actively makes every student feel welcome on our campus and in our activities. Working together, Josselyn said, is beneficial in all aspects — “Peer editing is great!” — and that he hopes to make every student feel involved. He has experience in event planning from his involvement with STUB this year, and says that his experience and dedication to the work will help him balance the responsibilities of the position.

Vice President of Finance 

Devin Martin-Atsatt | The Falcon

“We need to be making sure that our clubs feel supported from ASSP. That they really have a voice at the table.” – Liam Smith
Smith’s platform largely focuses on being fiscally responsible in the coming year, and handling the finances of the student body carefully and intentionally. He notes that club funding has been going through “tough times” lately, and he already has proposals in the works to improve upon that in the coming year. He also has experience in finance, as he has been in the financial side of politics since high school, and plans to use that background to strengthen his role. As a member of senate, he recognizes the importance of the VPF’s senate seat and plans to connect with the student body to hear their concerns.



Courtesy of Jacky Chen|The Falcon

“I aim to build a bridge between the student body and the board members, in hopes to create transparency through stewardship of the allocation funds.” – Jacky Chen
Chen aims to focus on transparency and letting students have a say in the allocation of their money. He emphasises “club presence, [and] transparency with pre-allocation” in his plans for the coming year should he become VPF. He wants students to feel that they have a voice in his decisions, and hear the perspectives of as many students as he can. He also notes his significant experience in funding and monetary affairs, such as his involvement in Student Investment Fund and accounting chapter Beta Alpha Psi.



Devin Martin-Atsatt | The Falcon

“I don’t want students to feel ‘included’, but rather experience a sense of community. My main goal in this position is to promote equity.”– Aden Yilma
Yilma’s uncontested campaign is shaped by her experience as a fourth Hill RA, as well as her passion for intersectionality. Her goal is to create safe spaces for all students on campus, and embrace and highlight diverse voices. As a woman of color in the computer science major, she often finds herself the minority in her classes, and she wants to use this experience to support other students of color at SPU. She fully accepts both mental health and other diverse groups as falling under her responsibility, and wants to advocate for all students.


Devin Martin-Atsatt | The Falcon

“I fully believe that ministries on campus should fully encompass the things that we like and the talents that we have.”– Jose Flores
Flores’ uncontested platform is built upon his experience leading a youth group in his home city of Tacoma, as well as this year as an SMC in Arnett. As a theology major, he plans to be a pastor and is actively working towards growing his faith and serving others. As VPM, he would make sure worship spaces are inclusive of every student and respects everyone’s beliefs and experiences.