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Call to continue intentional conversations

A couple of weeks ago The Falcon produced a special edition issue.

We wanted to be as intentional as possible in highlighting and discussing challenges that womxn face on campus and in society everyday, and so we chose to dedicate an entire issue to them.

It was a significant production for our entire team of editors, and in the future our staff hopes to produce similar editions that focus on the issues faced by other underrepresented communities and marginalized groups.

Unfortunately, we are unable to produce special editions like that one every week for several reasons.

However, just because every week is not a special dedication to a specific cause or group does not mean that we at The Falcon care any less about those issues.

In our attempt to continue that intentionality throughout our remainding time on The Falcon staff, as a group, want to reach as many people as we can every week, covering events and issues that matter to the comminity.

Saying so, we would like to invite all voices to contribute regularly to our production.
If there are events you, as our audience, feel have been underrepresented thus far, let us know.

If anyone would like to write a response to anything that has been published in the past, please feel encouraged in submitting it to us.

We welcome alternative viewpoints, as we acknowledge that not everyone has the same perspective on issues.

Our website offers a place for comments, and our editors welcome emails.

We function as a part of this campus, not apart from it.

What would you like to see covered in future papers?

What have we missed so far?

What hasn’t worked, in your opinion?

What have you liked in the past?

We serve as a group that is here for the community and so we open responses with open arms.

To quote our mission statement, we genuinely want to be a place where “diverse narratives can be heard.”

Keep in mind that we are human, college students on this campus.

As such, we can sometimes be susceptible to oversights and unawareness.

This is where your input can prove vital.

As our audience, The Falcon aims to connect and relate to the SPU community, but we cannot do so without a response from you.