Opening statement

SPU releases first statement since Rinedahl lawsuit

Kyle Morrison, News Editor

On the evening of Jan. 14, Seattle Pacific University ended a three day period of silence on the Jeaux Rinedahl lawsuit for sexual orientation discrimination. 

In the press release SPU starts by thanking Professor Rinedahl for his work with the University, while also declining to comment on the case as they gather more facts.

Later the University acknowledged diverse viewpoints in the church and in the SPU campus, “The importance and complexity of this issue will continue to inform conversations as we strive to respect and care for all members of our community.”

The current statement closes with a reaffirmation of acceptance in the student body “Since our founding, we have accepted students who desire a quality private education that is student-centered and shaped by our Christian faith, regardless of their beliefs, backgrounds, or identities.”

In a previous version of the statement which has since been redacted from the University website, the closing line seemed to take a stance on the Rinedahl issue as a whole.

“The university does not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation but does have religious-based conduct expectations for regular faculty and staff positions.”

When asked about the redaction of the last line of the original statement the University said that they stand by both the original statement and the one they published online. 

The full statement can be found at the link below: