Hope on the horizon

Prospects for new White House administration after year of turmoil gives Americans reason to celebrate upcoming changes

Illustration by Gabrialla Cockerell

Groggy winter days start with cozy blankets clinging on to the last fading glimpses of sleep while a chilling world awaits. With little incentive to get out of bed to face an uncertain world and the sun’s quick setting, the world finds itself surrounded by darkness on all sides before anyone has even had the chance to seize the day.

The 5 pm sunsets and 6 o’clock darkness seem like a fitting way to end a year of absolute chaos.

After a year of constant turmoil, outcry, pain, sorrow and loss, this world is in desperate need of hibernation. With an overwhelming amount of changes underway and the energy to effectively continue to fight for those without a voice being over-exhausted by the unending systems of oppression, this nation and generation need a season to rest their eyes for a fleeting moment before the dawn breaks again.

But that does not mean that this season of darkness is the end. This generation is not ready to give up and call it a day; and this nation is just starting to gain momentum as election results are finalized. Now is the time to heal ourselves so we can bring healing to the people, places, and creatures around us.

Taking a moment to warm up with a soft blanket and a cup of hot cocoa allows us the grace and strength to look for those who don’t have a roof over their head or anything to fight off the bitter cold. Safely celebrating the holiday season gives us the chance to revel in the knowledge that our families are happy and healthy, even if virtual hugs aren’t quite the same as real ones. Many families aren’t that lucky.

Among the families and the people who desperately need support are Black Americans and Black communities where police funding reform and proper training of police officers is still very necessary. Awareness, advocacy, and change need to come for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women of this Nation that have been taken from their families and loved ones; along with the rest of the endless issues that call for action.

This nation needs to ensure that what we’ve been standing for, protesting for, and voting for actually come to fruition.

As Joe Biden, the projected President-elect, and Senator Kamala Harris, projected Vice President-elect, celebrate the upcoming official cast of the electoral votes, the United States quietly holds its breath to see what the Biden administration will do next.

This nation told the Trump administration loud and clear that even though Trump doesn’t care for anyone but himself, the people of this country can support and protect each other until our President is forced to listen.

And just like that, we can see the end of an abusive White House. This nation is armed with a clear understanding of what we need from the next administration.

The US needs a Commander-in-Chief who is willing to learn from people he disagrees with, a voice for this nation that openly combats sexism, racism, and hatred, and a man able to admit uncertainty and fear by humbly looking to the smartest people in the room.

This year we, the people, woke up, cast our votes, and declared that change was coming. We have decided that enough is enough; we are worth more than to be ignored, berated, and bullied by our leader.

So, with a cry for independence and the freedom to hope for a brighter future, let this country rest in the understanding that progress is being made as long as we keep fighting for it.

Let us walk into a brand new day, knowing that wherever this next year is going, we have been made better through this hardship and we have hope to hold onto as the days drift into the night a little too easily.