Changes to ASSP constitution delayed

Anya Annear

Due to senators being sick and senate being held on a national holiday, senate did not have enough senators to vote on the items on the agenda. Senate will schedule an emergency meeting later in the week when more senators can meet.

The purpose of the May 28 senate meeting began with an appointment of the ASSP Ministry Council (AMC) Confirmation Vote, and to vote on changes to the constitution for the next school year. Neither item has been seen at senate due to the lack of students presented at the meeting.

Presented by Kathryn Baumheckel, the AMC Confirmation Vote will appointment the leaders of the AMC for the 2018-2019 academic school year. The selected leaders for the AMC team has already been confirmed, but the formality of the senate body’s vote is a necessary part of the process.

The Constitution Certification is high on the agenda for Senate to handle this year. If the changes are not voted on for the 2018-2019 constitution, the changes will not be applied at all.

“Senate next year will use the constitution of this year, none of the changes from this year’s Constitutional Advisory Board will be adapted,” ASSP Executive Vice President Danielle Meier said.

In Other Business:

1. ASSP President Mary Liu announced that the candidates for the “Pie Your Professor Booth,” Kevin Deschler, a residence life coordinator; Frank Spina, the professor of the Old Testament; and Patrick McDonald, an associate professor of philosophy. “Whoever donates the most money will be the one to pie the professor or faculty member,” Liu said.

2. Meier announced that in lieu of the Student Perspective presented by Liam Smith at the May 1 Senate meeting, the Board of Student Media guidelines will be posted to the Lingua Orgsync, The Falcon Orgsync, the KSPU Orgsync and the ASSP Orgsync. “This will provide more transparency for the student body, giving an equal chance for everyone to see how the constitution for student media works,” Meier said.

3. Courtney Rutzer, the fine arts senator, announced that the visual communication majors have a Senior Art show running through June 8 in the Art Center, with a reception on May 31 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.“[The] ASSP vice president of ministries will be in it so you all should come!” Rutzer said.

4. Ryan Richardson announced that the School of Psychology, Family, and Community (SPFC) research conference will be Tuesday, May 29, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Upper Gwinn.

5. Meier announced the senator awards for this year. The Voice of Reason award went to Abbey Brandt.

“The Voice of Reason Award goes to a senator that has always had something thoughtful to contribute to senate conversation and always brings up points of view, or practical issues that have yet to be addressed,” Meier said.  The Senator of the Year Award was awarded to Micailah Moore, who was nominated by the body of senate.

As written on the nomination forms, “From the beginning of their time as a senator, this person has hit the ground running with ambition. Their compassion and ability to remain graceful during heated times shows that this person truly in tune with what SPU students want and need and listen to many voice simultaneously.”