Trump v Biden: rat races at its finest

Battling presidential candidates highlight the brokenness in election process

Angela Ide, Opinions Editor

A Biden-Harris sign on a grass lawn. As the election comes to a close, there are many celebrating the outcome; The owners of this sign likely apart of that group. (Davery Bettger)

The world has spent the year 2020 on the edge of their seats, with breaths held, an eerie invading silence blanketing the globe. The United States Presidential Election that took place this last week was no exception. With the Trump administration being denied another four-year stay in the White House, our sitting President’s anger, greed, and selfishness showed a national stage once again.

Donald Trump’s behavior was absolutely and completely unnecessary and resulted in another reason for division throughout the country.

For starters, while on the campaign trail, President Trump tweeted “Tremendous potential for voter fraud, and for whatever reason, doesn’t work out well for Republicans” on Wednesday, April 8th. This fear-mongering call that voter fraud was unavoidably biased against Republican votes only led to chaos and uncertainty as projected electoral votes were colored over the US map.

Trump took an easy projected win in the majority of the south—excluding Georgia and North Carolina and Alaska, that as of Nov. 9, still are in the throws of counting votes—and Mid-Western states like Wyoming, Oklahoma, and the Dakotas. However, Biden followed in hot pursuit by taking key states like Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, as well as New England and the West Coast.

With Biden sitting at 253 projected electoral votes for three days, just seventeen votes shy of a win, the world watched in anxious apprehension as Nevada, Arizona, Alaska, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania continued to count votes without an official projected winner.

But finally, at 5:00 AM EST on November 7th, Pennsylvania state declared previous Vice President Joseph Biden the projected winner of the twenty electoral votes it held, effectively naming Biden President-elect. A few hours later, Nevada followed suit giving Biden a projected electoral college vote of 290.

Sadly, President Donald Trump has not handled the four days of unspoken tension between the closing of polls and Biden’s projected victory. His actions resembled that of a toddler changing the rules of the game because they are losing.

“In its third legal action of the day, the Trump campaign filed suit Wednesday to stop the counting of ballots in Pennsylvania,” reported The Washington Times on Nov. 4.

This last-ditch effort to choke-hold the nation into giving Trump a second term shows the greed and arrogance of a man who has sat in the White House long enough.

Donald Trump has used every manipulation trick in the book to get what he wants, he has destroyed the lives of millions of immigrants, POCs, and minorities across this nation, and he lacks the integrity and honor to take the “L” gracefully when Americans voted for Biden.

As we look into the uncertain future Americans have in store, there is a clear understanding that has risen: the nation gave its voice to politics and our votes have made a difference.

No matter what may lie ahead, America can proudly say, “We are still asking for change.”