Housing protocols for end of quarter

Director of Residence Life outlines the next steps for students in dorms as the quarter comes to an end.

Carlos Snellenberg-Fraser, Staff writer

Before COVID-19, Ashton residents could use the kitchen area to hangout and study. Hallmates could store their snacks in the fridge or microwave popcorn for a movie night. (Jacky Chen)

As the quarter comes to an end, new housing protocols have been announced for students  going home for break and for those staying on campus. While many of the details are still being worked out, there are steps that students need to take as soon as possible.

Director of Residence Life, Gabe Jacobsen, released a series of steps that students need to take in order to prepare themselves for either moving out of the dorm during break to return home or to stay on campus for the break between fall and winter quarter.

Jacobsen announced that students needed to fill out a petition in order to remain on campus during the winter break. 

If students want to stay over break, they need to petition and be approved (if they are in the halls) or register (if they are in CHA) by November 4th via the form that was sent out to residential students,” Jacobsen said in an email.

Jacobson said that students moving off campus for winter quarter will need to submit a housing withdrawal form, found on the Housing Portal.

The only co-gender recreational lounge in Ashton is closed along with its small gym. (Jacky Chen)

For students returning winter quarter for on-campus housing, they must complete a checklist before leaving campus.

Jacobsen explained that all of this information will be covered further in the mandatory floor meetings that will be held by RAs before closing the fall quarter. Students are encouraged to attend those meetings to get the important information needed for the end of the quarter.

Second year student Sydney Penticuff, who lives in the Ashton residence hall, is planning on returning home for the winter break.

“We have not yet received any specific information on what move out day will look like. But since I lived in the dorms last year, I assume it is similar. In terms of COVID-19, I don’t know how they plan on moving people out,” said Penticuff, who will be returning to campus housing in winter quarter.

First year student Savannah Hauge is planning to pull out of housing and live off campus next quarter. According to Hauge, the process for planning to live off campus next quarter is a relatively easy one.

Housing cannot close off the 6th Lounge area under Fire Code, as it is used as the other main entrance to the building, specifically for the Ashton parking lot. (Jacky Chen)

“It was a very easy process. They sent a whole email out to everybody. It is pretty much the same as applying, you go to the place you apply and you press withdraw. They send you an email back confirming your withdrawal,” Hauge said.

Hauge said she needed to meet with her advisor to plan her online courses, since she will not be on campus next quarter.

“You set up the date you want to leave. The only other process for withdrawing next quarter is since I’m not coming back to campus, I had to talk to my advisor about online courses, and how that will affect my courses. That’s pretty much it and it was a pretty easy process,” Hauge said.

As students prepare to leave for winter break, there are questions that still have not yet been answered on the specifics of move out day. These questions are likely to be answered during the meetings students will have with their RAs that are scheduled to happen in the coming weeks. Students are required to attend these meetings as there will be a lot of important information covered.