Staying fit with friendly competition

Intramural program returns with socially-distant workout classes

Daniel Newman, Sports Editor

File Photo. A player fields a rebound during the first quarter of a semifinals intramurals basketball game.
(Calvin Quisumbing)

Competition is always present in life, especially in the world of sports. It takes a lot of hard work and talent to be an athlete and to make it to the professional level.

For those who choose not to commit the time or don’t make it onto a college athletic team, intramural sports are always an option.

While the COVID-19 pandemic stopped intramural programs in March, student coordinator Leilani Miller has been hard at work planning a return to intramural sports and fitness classes for students.

Miller, who is in her second year in this role, says the job has taught her to be flexible and adapt. The job is something that she cares about deeply.

“Being intramural supervisor has been so rewarding. I love being able to bring students together under their shared interests in sports and fitness activities,” Miller said. “Community building is so important to me, and it’s been great to work alongside my classmates.”

As the quarter winds down, Miller and the rest of the intramurals team are holding a body weight fitness class on Tuesday nights from 9:30 to 10:30 in the main gym in Royal Brougham Pavilion. Students must RSVP via a calendly link. The class will be socially distanced, and participants must wear masks. Students’ temperatures will be taken at the door.

“Intramurals are an amazing opportunity to not only get active, but also to join a community of students with shared interests,” Miller said. “I know we are all getting burned out from sitting alone in our rooms on Zoom all day, so intramurals are a great chance to get up and move.”

Normally, different intramural sports and fitness classes would be offered each quarter as a fun opportunity for students to be active and play the sports they love, but COVID-19 has hindered that.

Junior Rachel Regner used to play volleyball before having to stop because of an injury. Regner was on an intramural volleyball team last year and really enjoyed it.

“It was a fun way to meet new people that also liked to play the sport I love, while also getting to let out some pent up frustrations with healthy competition,” Regner said.

Junior Gio Gonzalez competed in the COED soccer league the past two years, and his team won the championship both times.

“There is a little community because you play the same couple of teams repeatedly, and there is this little friendly competitiveness that makes it that much more fun,” Gonzalez said. “I was lucky enough to win two consecutive years in the coed league, and those are memories I will forever be grateful for, just because I won those with my team.”

While team sports won’t be returning for a while, Miller said that she hopes to have yoga and zumba classes next quarter for students to participate in. In addition, the weight room in Royal Brougham Pavilion is now open to five students at a time. The same rules from the fitness class apply to the weight room, and students must reserve a specific slot on calendly.

For updates on the intramurals program and the reopening of gyms around campus, check your Smartstart emails and follow @spuintramurals on instagram.