Guests now allowed in SPU dormitories

Inslee’s clarification on COVID-19 guidelines means relaxed visitation rules for SPU

Kit Nowicki, Staff Reporter

With the new housing guidelines, Residents of on-campus housing, such as Ashton Hall, are now able to have one guest in their bedroom. (Kyle Morrison)

A clarification of COVID-19 regulations on college campuses by Washington Governor Jay Inslee has prompted SPU’s administration to relax some restrictions on campus.

On Tuesday, Oct. 20, Inslee released a statement that readdressed the guidelines made in the higher education reopening plan Inslee released in June in accordance with Phase Two. These guidelines differ from what was previously seen, however with these new guidelines, Residence Life and Housing is hopeful that it will help students find community with their floor.

The statement was made in response to a spike in COVID-19 cases at state schools like Washington State University and the University of Washington.

On October 23, the Office of Student Life sent an email out to students living on campus with an update on SPU’s guidelines regarding visitation policy, end of autumn quarter housing, break housing, the residential living requirement, and winter quarter housing dates.

The email said that students are now allowed to have one visitor from their floor in their room as long as both parties maintain social distance and wear facial coverings. Students who host guests are required to keep their door open, and they’re encouraged to open their window throughout the visit.

“Ashton and Hill Hall residents may have one visitor per room from your floor at a time. Arnett and Emerson Hall residents may have one visitor per bedroom from your floor at a time. The residential guidelines for students living in Campus Houses and Apartments (CHA) will remain the same,” said the email.

The implementation of this new guideline will provide students with more indoor spaces to gather.

“We know this change will provide additional opportunities to build community and camaraderie on your floors. Please continue your good work of keeping our community safe,” the email said.