Alleged carjacker arrested at Dave Rodgers Park

Police flood Dave Rodgers Park Sunday evening, SPU alerts students

Kyle Morrison, News Editor

Seattle Police surround the women’s bathroom during the search for a carjacking suspect at David Rodgers Park on Sunday evening. (Marissa Lordahl)

The Seattle Police Department shut down Dave Rodgers Park for about an hour on Sunday evening as they searched for a car jacking suspect.

The suspect in question was confirmed to be in custody around 6 PM.

Police cars surrounded the park, and officers had weapons ready as they searched the park. Police suspected the carjacker was in the women’s bathroom next to the track, with about six or seven police officers hovering around a police car and yelling instructions at the restroom door.

The officers continuously yelled, “Seattle Police, we are not going away, we know you are inside, come out.”

One officer highlighted the point by yelling, “We get paid by the hour here, we are not going away.”

Seattle Pacific students received SPUAlert notifications by both text and email on Sunday evening warning them to stay clear of a police stakeout at David Rodgers Park; Police apprehended the subject and swept the area. (Marissa Lordahl)

Ultimately the suspect was found and put in custody elsewhere in the park, according to Seattle PD. The officers searched the women’s restroom with weapons drawn to confirm there was no one else hiding in the building.

Officers could be heard saying, “It sounds like we got him,” before leaving the area.

With police activity so close to the Seattle Pacific University campus, students received a text and email alert, encouraging them to stay away from the park at 5:15 PM. Students were alerted the situation was resolved at 6:14 PM.

Third Street was blocked because of the situation and traffic was redirected. Officers patrolled the Third and West Armour Street intersections, telling onlooking residents and passerbys to back away from the situation.

Police on the scene did not give an official comment.