Perspective Pieces: Adulthood

Angela Ide, Opinions Editor

Illustration by Gabby Cockerell


When does it start?
In a dorm room filled with moving boxes
or with a diploma and a stage?
When taxes and paperwork slowly suffocate
or when the next chapter leaves behind adolescence?
When a life partner bends their knee
or when one stands up their own beliefs?
When children echoes one’s words
or is it when those kids let God into their hearts
and their own lives? When does it end?


Now, as a daughter leaves
do their parents see them toddling from home
or lost in danger unperceived?
In their mind is the first drive alone
fresh or do they see their little girl’s darkest days?
She whispers it’s going to be okay
but it is drowned out by the fears conceived.
The roles portrayed
are a family wrapped up in webs weaved.
When will she be a woman in rite?


They are the same,
suffocating on fake courtesies;
distanced by a frosty plane
and snowcapped barriers between you and me
to live without trading the blame.
This is better for both their sakes.
Each has chosen to live a life chained and tame,
In an effort to not raise the stakes
of the relationship by lying lame
or penning up anger, hurt, and guilt.


But she made the move
first to look for a new source
of life. It will prove
that both can learn new ways of discourse
in the waves both jagged and smooth.
She will bring new life to the world
at home, instead of playing into
the circus of emotions, engulfed in fire under, a night dark and cold.
Now that she’s made her choice, she could wait for her mother’s approval
or she can start being a woman too.

The Perspective Pieces Series is aimed to address and express opinions in some of the many creative ways thoughts, ideas, experiences, and stories can be shared between people. If you feel inclined or are interested in submitting your poem, short story, or flash fiction for publication at the Falcon please email us at [email protected] with the subject line “Perspective Pieces”