2020-2021 ASSP Election Endorsement

The Falcon endorses Livvy Nolin for VP of Ministries

Editorial Board

The Falcon endorses Livvy Nolin for the role of Vice President of Ministries because of her strong background in ministry and leadership, and her clear goals. 

For most of her life, Livvy Nolin has found her calling in both ministry and serving in a religious context. At the age of 17, Nolin became an elder in her hometown Presbyterian church and a member of the board which eventually elected her church’s future pastor.

At Seattle Pacific University, Nolin has found ways to both connect with students and connect with opportunities that on-campus ministries have to offer. For much of her time at SPU, Nolin has served on the leadership team of Group, a worship group which meets most weeks around campus. She also set and accomplished a goal this year of meeting with SMC’s for planning and feedback. Further, Nolin has planned and headed services for Chapel. 

Currently, Nolin serves on the All Ministry Council (AMC), a group made up of coordinators and advisors from each ministry organization on campus, the same group which is headed by the Vice President of Ministries. 

In taking on the role of VP of Ministries, Nolin hopes to link ministry organizations on campus and make them more collaborative in involvement. 

Further, Nolin has expressed concern about the representation of students, particularly in ministry and worship. Since SPU is made up of people from a range of faith backgrounds and identities, university ministries, according to Nolin, should reflect this diversity. Listening to what students want out of their worship experience is a high priority for Nolin.

Correction: Livvy Nolin’s last name was spelled incorrectly in the previous version of the story.