The future of vacant ASSP core seats

Two ASSP core member positions have no candidates, applications not reopening.

Julia Herman, Assistant News Editor

ASSP Student Senate advisor Alli Bautista and Executive Vice President Nate Canny discussed the future of the two core member positions, vice president of finance and vice president campus activities, which have no candidates running. 

ASSP will not be holding elections for the two positions nor will they be reopening the applications. 

“The reason for this is because we don’t want somebody running specifically for the ASSP [core] compensation and we would actually want someone to actually go in and have a good say into their role,” Canny said.

“We opened the application. We publicized it and we got the pool of applicants that we did. The remaining positions will be absorbed by the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership.”

Bautista continued that there is not a set plan yet for how they will move forward with the two positions, but that it is being discussed.

“All the details are still being worked out. But the responsibilities of the VPF and the VPCA will be covered off by either a combination of professional staff who work in OSIL, as well as students who help support those roles normally, ” Bautista said. “So mainly like club coordinators for VPCA and the treasurer for VPF.”

“That’s not to say that they will be taking on all those things. The responsibilities will be divvied-up. There will be more details to come.”

Primary elections are Mar. 4. Forums for the candidates are Mar. 9 and general elections are Mar. 11.

In other business:

  • Senate discussed a proposal that was brought to the Allocation Board for an increase in compensation for The Falcon. The proposal was denied.
  • Senate passed the budget requested for the “MODE Fashion Group Spring Fashion Show.”