Senators amend PICCA, Ohana event funding

Island Fest will now receive $4500 from the ASSP club fund, not the previously agreed upon $6,000

Julia Battishill, News Editor

Monday night, Feb. 3, ASSP student senate voted to amend the proposal which passed in last week’s meeting. The amendment lowers the funding allocation for Island Fest — the PICCA and Ohana O’Hawaii combined signature event — from $6,000 to the originally proposed $4,500.

The motion to amend the proposal passed easily, with only one nay and one abstention.

The $1,500 difference was taken from the event due some members of the Finance Board asserting that it would be unwise to subtract so much from the ASSP Club Fund, knowing that there will be more events in the future.

Additionally, when the numbers were reexamined, it was agreed that the event only required $4,500 from ASSP. According to the normal budgeting procedure, that number is correct, as it would fund the event properly without giving more than necessary.

“Signature events” have special funding regulations, such as requiring the club to fundraise 20% of the event’s budget. This, combined with expected ticket sales, make up the club’s side of the funding. ASSP then agrees on how much more to allocate, to help fully fund the event.

Expected ticket sales ($4,500) plus the 20% fundraising revenue ($2,226.40) totals $6726.40, which is $4,500 less than the $11,132.40 required to successfully run the event as presented in the proposal.

After all senators understood, aided by senate advisor Alli Bautista drawing the math out on a white board, the vote was quickly decided.