Chiefs take down 49ers

Chiefs quarterback leads comeback, wins Super Bowl MVP

Sabrina Jiles, Staff Writer

With the 100th season of the NFL finally coming to an end, it is only right for the final game of the season to go out with a bang — with a game filled with touchdowns, interceptions and lead changes. Super Bowl LIV saw a matchup between the final two contenders, the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs, in the biggest game of the season.


This was a game that many fans were waiting on in hopes that their team would get the fairytale ending to an amazing season. The excitement for the game was also fueled by confident statements, given by players of each team, about how they would be the victors of this year’s Super Bowl. 


Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy made statements claiming that each play is designed for a touchdown, while former NFL cornerback Darrell Revis questioned 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman’s presence on the football field.


All speculation was put to rest and the question of who would be the champion of Super Bowl 54 was answered, on Sunday, Feb. 2. Fans finally found out that the answer to this question was the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs won the Super Bowl 31-20, in a game that had a great chance of either of the two teams being the victor. 


The Chiefs were down 10 points by the end of the third quarter, but had an explosive fourth quarter, with the Chiefs out scoring the 49ers in the fourth — 21-0. Wide receiver Tyreek Hill gave the Chiefs offense the boost it needed, thanks to a 44-yard completion on a third and 15. This set up the Chiefs for a one-yard reception to tight end Travis Kelce, for a touchdown. This made the score 20-17 49ers. Later in the quarter, Chiefs running back Damien Williams caught a five-yard touchdown pass and scored a 38-yard touchdown run to give the Chiefs a 31-20 win. 


Freshman Mohammed Al-Na’ar found last year’s Super Bowl to be boring because there were only 16 total points scored. However, he had a much better time watching this year’s game, because of the Chiefs comeback win, which he found exciting.


During the post-game celebration, and the presentation of the Vince Lombardi trophy, it was announced that the Super Bowl MVP was awarded to Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II. Mahomes threw for 286 yards and threw for two touchdowns. Mahomes is the youngest quarterback in NFL history to win this award; he is 24 years and 138 days old and took the title from Tom Brady who was 24 years and 183 days old.


Even though the Seattle Seahawks were not a part of this year’s Super Bowl, that didn’t prevent SPU students from watching the highly televised game. 


Freshman Harley Sinclair didn’t have a preference on which team won the match before the game. However, her only thought after the game was “go Chiefs.” 


Her roommate Mariah Kelly, who is also a freshman, believed that the predictions that she had heard about the two teams being neck and neck were rather accurate. Kelly, who was born in San Francisco, was a little disappointed that the 49ers lost, but she thought that both teams played very well overall.


The game was filled with electrifying moments, worthy of finishing off the 100th season — leaving viewers anxiously waiting for the start of the 101st season in August.