Going home isn’t an option

SPU students find other ways to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday

Kyle Morrison, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving, a holiday that is defined by friends, family and food serves as a chance for all Americans to give thanks for all they have. 

For most college students, Thanksgiving marks the first time since summer break where many can go home and spend quality time with their families. Others are not so lucky, as many SPU students, especially those from out of state, will be forced to stay on campus and find other ways to celebrate ‘turkey day.’

“I wish I could go home but staying here is not a bad option,” sophomore Cody Sugai said. Sugai, like many SPU students, is from Hawaii. With the island state being about a five hour plane ride away, many Hawaiian students wait until christmas to go home and see their families. 

Luckily for Sugai, he still has a good place to spend his Thanksgiving. “I am going to have dinner with family up here and then I’m going to sleep over at my friends house, and go Black Friday shopping the next day,” he said.

Several students who cannot go home this Thanksgiving have found loved ones to spend time with in Seattle. For sophomore Nathaniel Navarro from California, family will be coming to him. 

“It’s not a problem because my parents are finally coming up here, they haven’t come up here before,” Navarro said. “We are going up to a family friend’s house and doing Thanksgiving up there.”

Other students who have no immediate family in Seattle will be enjoying the company of fellow students in the same position during Thanksgiving.

“I’m fine with it. My suitemate is hosting Thanksgiving dinner,” freshman Katelynn Hout said.  

Other students will be using Thanksgiving as a day to help the less fortunate. 

“I wish I had more days off of school for Thanksgiving,” sophomore Lexi Hellums from Colorado said. 

“We are going to volunteer on Thanksgiving.”

Certain individuals cannot leave campus even if they wanted to. Over Thanksgiving break, SPU requires a certain number of resident advisors (RAs) to stay on campus and keep the dorms open for students staying on campus. 

“I have to be on campus because I’m an RA and there are only so many RA’s that can go home and I’m not one of them,” Neil Trotter, an RA in Hill Hall, said. 

While Thanksgiving is normally a day reserved for family, those who cannot go home will face the challenge of enjoying the holiday from campus.

Whether that is in family members coming up to Seattle, family friends who are already in the Seattle or fellow students who are also left on campus, Thanksgiving can still be a special time for these individuals. 

“It’s ok you have your friends.” said Ciello Magsanide. “And if you consider your friends family then you have Thanksgiving.”