4/04 Corrections


It has come to our attention that in the final issue of winter quarter, in the article titled “Finding joy both in Gwinn and in art studio,” there are some factual errors.

It is written that Jennie Brott did not relocate to Seattle until her father was offered a teaching job at the University of Washington. Her family actually moved to Seattle so her father could attend graduate school. He was hired as a professor afterwards.

It is also written that Brott moved into “their family’s one-acre home, her father built her a 12×10 building on the patio behind their house, serving as her very own art studio.” Brott’s studio is actually built on the back patio of her own home–the one she lives in with her husband–which is on a quarter acre lot.

And while the article states that April marks her third year at SPU, it actually marks her fourth year.