Senate 05/21

Hope Fitzgerald

Senate 5/21

For the last time this school year, senate met on Monday night.

As senators entered the room, they were greeted with an array of Molly Moon’s ice cream and toppings, and a personalized handwritten letter with a gift card on the back tables.

With ice cream in hand, senators took their seats to finalize the last vote on ASSP core bylaws, which all passed with a majority vote.

After the official agenda concluded within twenty minutes the senators had awards and celebration in sight.

In the beginning of her speech Executive Vice President Kaitlyn Payton explained that, “we originally were only going to have two people win awards, but there were three people tied so we decided to add another one called ‘Student Advocate of the Year.’”

Earlier this year, the Statement of Human Sexuality proposal was discussed and passed in senate. That had primary contributions of two senators, one of whom was Joe Cagley.

Cagley took home the Student Advocate of the Year award as he was “intentional and caring, had a willingness to stand up for marginalized students, and depicted an accurate representation of engaging all students.”

As Cagley went to receive his award the room filled with cheers and applause as he received a hug and congratulations from Payton.

The next award was given to Nate Canny for being the Voice of Reason.

This award represents someone who got senators back on track throughout the year to help others see the presented arguments or purpose of the session.

The last award of the night presented was Senator of the Year.

This award had no specific criteria but included someone who was calm, an advocate to those who couldn’t speak, a person who delivers unique perspective and new insight, and overall a good person.

A genuinely shocked Austin Matzelle walked up when his name was called as the winner to receive this award from Payton.

In similar fashion to Cagley and Canny, the room roared with applause and cheering to congratulate Matzelle on his accomplishment.

After handing out all the awards, Payton tearfully closed out the last session.

“I hope senate is something that enables you to empower others around you. Thank you for your service, I love you all.”

After almost thirty sessions, club proposals, several funding discussions, discussing and participating in countless events, and three award-honored senators this season’s senate officially came to a close on May 20.

In Other Business:

Current ASSP core are wrapping up their training with next year’s officer core members.

The only thing on the agenda was the official vote on the ASSP core member bylaws, including the president, executive vice president, vice president of ministries, vice president of campus activities and vice president of finance.

President Nathan Samayo was absent during this meeting due to a birthday surprise from his family and left a detailed email for Vice President of Finance Sarah Kirschner to read on his behalf. The statement addressed his summary of what he had stated the week before regarding a dismantling of the President Action Cabinet (PAC) and baccalaureate committee. He also wanted to add a communications assistant.

Chief Justice Talbot Miller once again explained why everything was approved except the dismantling of the PAC, repeating that it exists at no cost and is optional.

Samayo’s bylaws were passed, as well as all of the other officers within twenty minutes.