Senate 05/06

Hope Fitzgerald

Discussions during this year’s senate have often been centered around group funding, and this week’s senate was no different.

As the school year draws quickly to an end, Monday’s senate participated in conducting one of their final voting sessions on one of the final budget proposals.

The most prominent item on the agenda was KSPU’s budget proposal regarding the popular Sprint Concert at Shapadooah.

Their proposed budget was unanimously passed at $1,402.43 to fund the event.

In past years attendees have seen full concert sets, snacks, decorations, and high tech sound equipment but with the lowest budget request on record, it seemed a major shift occurred in KSPU’s proposal.

KSPU is well-known on Seattle Pacific University campus as the student-run online radio station. In 2002, it was revamped as an online radio station that creates a community where students are welcome to explore and share their music interests.

However, KSPU is not technically considered a club by the university, instead a media group.

Therefore because of their media status, their money for events does not get pulled from the club fund but the general fund.

They also do not follow the same financial requirement guidelines that clubs currently do, so no fundraising, profits or loans from ASSP are allowed.

Analyn Grasz, the events coordinator for KSPU, presented and answered questions about the organization’s budget request in front of senate on Monday night.

In years past KSPU’s budget has been significantly more than the proposal seen for the current school year, up to four times the amount.

“We have a much smaller budget than we have ever had in the past, because we are scaling back,  changing up spring concert a little bit,” Grasz said at the beginning of her speech.

However due to a lack of money in the general fund, KSPU has been through a minimum of two budgetary reviews by the financial board in order to create a realistic budget request for senate.

At Senate, the senators discuss an array of subjects, including budgets and senator nominations. Maileca Gontinas | The Falcon

Vice President of Finance Sarah Kirschner stated, “KSPU worked really really hard on this, and they went through a lot, I highly suggest you (members of senate) trust finance board and KSPU.”  

Finance board is a committee made up of students to review financial requests before they are presented to senate,

The board recommended approving KSPU’s budget especially after their diligence and cooperation.

The spring concert fund was approved at the full amount and will take place in late May near the end of the quarter.

In Other Business:

Executive Vice President Kaitlyn Payton is training future EVP Nate Canny, and announced that senator awards would be coming shortly in the following weeks.

President Nathan Samayo is participating in the committee that is helping to pick a new Provost beginning Wednesday.

Vice President of Finance Sarah Kirschner is ahead of schedule in the training of her successor Liam Smith.