Senate week 6

Hope Fitzgerald

As the sun started to set, members gathered once again in the library seminar room for the fourth time this quarter.

On this night, the room was filled with anticipation, as the new ASSP core for the 2019-2020 school year was to be sworn in by an oath read by Chief Justice Talbot Miller.

Payton asked Miller and the new core members to stand up front to recite the oath.

One of the most impactful promises of the night was said towards the end of the repeated oath.

The new core repeated Miller in saying, “As we assume the leadership rights and responsibilities entrusted to us by you the Association of Students of Seattle Pacific.”

After they concluded their 3 minute oath the room applauded as President Nathan Samayo, Executive Vice President Nate Canny, Vice President of Campus Activities Andrew Josselyn, Vice President of Campus Ministries Jose Flores, and Vice President of Intercultural Affairs Aden Yilma are officially active members as of the next school year.

When emailed for comment about how they felt about the oath and what they hope to accomplish for the next school year, no member replied with a comment.

 In Other Business:

President Nathan Samayo is having his budget proposal looked over by finance board regarding building a tiny house, which he has already planned on implementing for volunteers throughout the Homelessness Engagement week.

Vice President of Campus Activities Celeste Ajayi announces the start of Culture week on May 6.

Executive Vice President Kaitlyn Payton announced that senator awards will be held soon to honor the achievements of senate.