Senate 4/22

Hope Fitzgerald

As the year comes close to an end, the time to honor professors and leaders also draws near for Seattle Pacific University.

In senate, voting members decided on Monday night which professor would be Undergraduate Professor of the Year based on student nominations and input.

For weeks now, students have been able to fill out the form on Orgsync and nominate whatever professor they wanted.

Ultimately the options are compiled and then voted on by senate away from public eyes.

Executive Vice President Kaitlyn Payton informed The Falcon ahead of time that this week’s Senate was a closed session.

This means that anybody who was not a voting member was not allowed in senate during the voting period.

She explained that she did not want the winner’s name released in the paper before an official announcement by ASSP had been made.

Voting members include members of ASSP core and the senators.

Chief Justice Talbot Miller and Faculty Advisor Whitney Broteje were allowed to stay through the voting session, even though they are not voting members.

In Other Business:

President Nathan Samayo continues to prepare for Homelessness Engagement Week.

Vice President of Campus Activities Celeste Ajayi is preparing and collaborating for Culture Week.