MODE Show Makes Move

Hope Fitzgerald

MODE is Seattle Pacific University’s fashion club and host of the yearly fashion show held in Royal Brougham.

During this week’s Senate meeting they unanimously voted to approve the club’s full budget proposal for the upcoming event at $1,865.

Every year the event has been held on the university’s campus, and has served to showcase and network the fashion students’ clothing creations.

However, for 2019, MODE is switching things up by displaying the clothing at a brand new venue, the MOHAI.

Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) is located in South Lake Union, where it displays some of the largest collections of Seattle and Puget Sound memorabilia in the country.

Organized by President Nina Selset and the club members, the 2019 show will be a partnership between the MOHAI and MODE organizations to present garments inspired by aspects of Seattle.

In an interview with Selset, she provided new insight into why this year’s show will be different than ever before.


“We saw an opportunity for growth that could still involve the community and serve our designers, but being in Seattle you have to work more for those opportunities versus like New York or a fashion capital,” said Selset.


She explained that the school has been a great starting point, by fostering community involvement and student support; however the other purpose of the show is for fashion students to network and have their portfolios viewed.

MODE tried to obtain the museum for the event last year, but was unable to do so due to costs.

After trying again this year, MOHAI agreed to foot the majority of MODE’s costs because they found that the university’s fashion show would be the perfect addition to their current exhibit.

MOHAI is currently doing a spring fashion exhibit showcasing the history of Seattle fashion.

“It was kind of like a sweet spot, because it was so on brand for them to host something showing where the future of fashion is going versus their exhibit of where it had been,” Selset stated.

Senator Liam Smith stated in the senate meeting, “I was just really impressed with the professionalism that MODE has shown and how they have cut costs, awesome to see student clubs partnering with local Seattle institutions.”

Since receiving confirmation for their funding on Monday night, Selset shared that MODE’s official theme this year would be “Intrinsic.”

Selset said that it was chosen because it is an “umbrella like term” that helps cover all creativity, diverse interests, and could still easily incorporate Seattle inspiration without confining the designers.

The theme also helps to encapsulate what MODE tries to advocate with the show.

Due to the large range of creativity and variety of fashion, MODE has sought out any student who was interested in modeling to help contribute to that diversity.

“We do not want to promote or contribute to the stigma of what models are typically thought of,” explained Selset. “As a club, and a theme we want and get a diversity of body type, color, and gender … we want to advocate that everybody is a model if you have any kind of body.”

Coincidentally, senator Austin Matzelle is actually partaking as a model in the fashion show on May 17.


Matzelle said that, as a senior, he is wanting to get as involved as much as possible on campus, and had little model experience. “When I got through casting as a model for the show I was super excited to contribute in a small way to MODE’s event!”

Selset elaborated on what a joy it has been working with other designers and the student models like Matzelle, because it really enhances that community aspect.


“What I enjoy most about the fashion show is no matter what anybody’s journey has been, … I just see everybody come together, happy and confident, knowing they are capable of doing something great.”


MODE is preparing quickly with this change on the horizon as “it’s time for the next step.”


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