Rolling into spring quarter

Kate Erikson

Roller-skating pleases students at spring First Friday

By Kate Erikson

Staff Reporter

Spring quarter is the last push before classes come to a close. At this point in the year, many students find themselves jaded and with a lack of excitement toward the final quarter of the year.

However, First Friday fosters a place where students can abandon their studies for a few hours and repair their exhausted psyche.

March 29 marked Seattle Pacific University’s third First Friday of the 2018-19 academic year.

Students congregated in Royal Brougham Pavilion and Wallace Field to enjoy roller skating, dancing, field games and cookie dough from Sugar and Spoon.

The throwback themed event had images of the iconic 80s game PacMan, floppy disks and game boys around the perimeter of its dance. Along with the neon lights and glow sticks, the event created an upbeat atmosphere that gave students the opportunity to distance themselves from the stress of the first week of the quarter.

First Friday would not be possible if it was not for the hard work and planning of the student leaders who are apart of the Student Union Board (STUB) and the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership (OSIL).

Sophomore Kayt Tan was the chair of this First Friday. Tan mentioned that without the support of Whitney Broetje, the director of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership, and Alli Bautista, the campus program coordinator, along with the rest of their teams, the event would have not run as smoothly as it did. Tan also claimed that the collaboration of ideas also allowed the event to appeal to more students.

Attendees had varying opinions on the success of previous First Fridays, and most did not agree on which First Friday during the year took the cake, responses were all across the board.

Capture 6
Students enjoy interacting with the inflatables outside of Royal Brougham. Tegan Johnson | The Falcon

“The first First Friday was probably the best one; they had better activities outside. Not gonna lie those giant inflatables were pretty cool,” senior Keala Gasmen said. “I did like this event more than the last [silent disco] and this one did have pretty good snacks, but the coffee [during the first First Friday] — I mean come on, we’re in Seattle.”

Each event provided something unique, to some, the dance at this First Friday did not compare to the silent disco.

“The cookie dough was definitely my favorite part, and the dance was fun too, but it was nowhere near the silent disco from last First Friday,” first-year Carlo Reyes said. “The silent disco slapped! It definitely my favorite one.”

Although it is difficult to say which First Friday took the cake, it seemed that most attendees enjoyed themselves at this event.

“I think this First Friday is fun! The roller skating is by far my favorite part and the snacks were pretty good,” first-year Emily Planck said. “This event my favorite, I was more involved compared to the last two. There were more options and something for everyone.”

Tan commented on the varied opinions of the success of the last First Fridays and stated that

Students enjoyed free cookie dough outside of Royal Brougham before heading into the dance.

“Our progress is shown through our set-up/tear-down efficiency and our ability to better handle curveballs during events,” said Tan. “We now know each other a lot better, which has made it easier to understand how to work with our different strengths and weaknesses.”

Although many students enjoyed all aspects of the event, the roller skating was a huge draw.

Checkered dance floor, disco lights and skates included, all that attended where whisked away to the 80s.

“The roller skating was harder than I thought, but I was still filthy at it,” first-year Perry Benisa said. “I have never roller skated before, but I’m glad I could try it.”

It is almost impossible to plan an event that will be loved by all, however, this First Friday was very well received by students.

“Honestly, this was my favorite out of all the ones I have been to. I really enjoyed the roller skating, but it was a little stressful,” first-year Abby Card said. “I thought I was going to fall like every five seconds — but that’s okay!”