Letter from Editor-in-Chief

Saya Meza


To our readers and the SPU Community,

In our March 6 edition, The Falcon provided bios and endorsements for the 2019-2020 ASSP Core Elections.

Unfortunately, our choice of printed endorsements relayed a negative message that was not ever intended by my staff or myself, but nevertheless hurt people in our community.

When faced with space limitations, we included only four endorsements, all of which were white men, in the print edition, with the other endorsements appearing online only.

The positions omitted from print also corresponded to the only candidates of color being endorsed, one of which was also the only female candidate. In making these decisions, we sent out a message that we did not intend, one that its not consistent with our beliefs as a staff nor our work throughout the year.

We sincerely apologize for the adverse effects that our actions have had on the candidates, student body and the SPU community as a whole.

Though it was not our intention to only feature the white-male candidates endorsed, we acknowledge that The Falcon should have been more cognizant and exercised more prudence in our selection and ensured all endorsements received equal play.

We will also continue to reflect on the difference between intent and impact. We accept the responsibility for the effects our work has. We always hope to have a positive impact on our community, but we never intend to send the message that some people count less than others.

If there are any further concerns, readers are more than welcome to provide direct feedback at [email protected] As a student body, we can only hope to encourage each other to grow and improve through direct conversation, constructive criticism and honesty.


Editor-in-Chief Saya Meza