The Falcon Food Review: Paseo

Mikayla Logue

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Falcon staff sit and review food experience at Paseo Caribbean Food. Madison Schoenberg |The Falcon|

In the heart of Fremont, there is a rundown little red shack, hidden on the side of the street amid coffee shops, restaurants, and stores. It would be an easily missed sight, if it was not for the fact that there was a constant stream of people entering in the shop.

Paseo Caribbean Food has its own unique charm despite looking a bit shabby due to the fact it is under construction. There are not a lot of tables and seating inside, and there is a little bench where people can sit outside. However, what it is missing in looks it makes up for in food.

Every order of food was massive; each meal came with enough food to be two meals in one. There were a variety of options on the menu that everybody could enjoy: famous roasted corn, plantains with mango salsa, and sauteed prawns.

However, the main star of the menu was the roasted pulled pork. Available in many different options such as sandwiches and salads, the pork is the most popular option at the restaurant according to their menu.

The sandwiches, as soon they are unwrapped, start spilling with extra pork and onions. While not the easiest item to eat because of its excess of aioli, every bite was worth the mess.

However, if the messiness of a sandwich is not appealing, the salad was an equally satisfying and flavorful option as the sandwich without the mess.

To top it off, along with their quirky atmosphere and flavorful food, Paseo provided a quick and friendly service even while swamped with orders.

Paseo Caribbean Food provided a fun atmosphere different than usual Seattle vibe. Between the food and service, Paseo is definitely worth the stop.