Hailey Nelson

Last saturday, the crisp downtown air was met with boiling political assertions as marchers declared their opinions about the issues involved in the Womxn’s March on Seattle 2019. Supporters rallied in Cal Anderson Park at the base of Capitol Hill to begin the trek through the city streets, holding feisty signs and wearing warm clothes.

There, representatives from a wide variety of backgrounds made remarks on what the march’s website declares to be “the greatest threats and most inspiring triumphs our communities have experienced in the past year.” Colleen Echohawk, executive director of the Chief Seattle Club, and Monserrat Padilla, coordinator with the Washington

Immigrant Solidarity Network, led the rally.
The event was the first of many activities scheduled last weekend. Its mission was to speak out about and support ideas of equality, not just for women, but for everyone.

Young children were seen at Saturday’s march. Hailey Nelson | The Falcon
The Womxn’s March, held on Saturday, January 19,2019, included womxn of all different backgrounds fighting for equal human rights. Jenna Rasmussen | The Falcon

“There are many people of color and especially women of color who are not as represented here as I’d like to see, but I’m marching for them. … It’s easy to be disillusioned with what’s going on, but if we don’t keep protesting it will just get worse.” – Melora

“The march represents the strength of women and the inclusivity of women for all those that have no voice. … It’s not just a march about equality for women, because equality for women means equality for all.” – Anne

“I’m not usually a sign-maker, but I felt like if there are things that I am specifically concerned about, a sign is the easiest way to make that clear.” – Claire

“I know that marches like this don’t necessarily create big political ripples, but it does create ripples in your own life.” – Riley

“We just want to be equal and have the same rights.” – Bailey Trujillo

“Anyone can be a feminist.” – George

Dismantling white feminism is one of the biggest intersectional topics this year. Heidi Speck | The Falcon


Many people have protested for womxn’s rights through their use of the vagina hats. Hailey Nelson | The Falcon