Importance of artist relatability

Bella Tollestrup-Wimbish

Listeners have significant emotional connection to favorite musicians


Everyone has a type of art that they feel connected to. There are many different forms of art, like music, photography, writing, painting and film.

But behind the beauty of all art is the creators, the people who are the masterminds of the art that others love.

An artist has the ability to move us, to show us that we are not alone in a world that at times can feel lonely and dark. Artists connect with us on an emotional level.

Their art has the ability to move us like no other thing that physically exists.

A song can bring someone to tears. Artwork can remind someone of a childhood memory.

A film can motivate someone to change their viewpoint or take action against a social problem.

It is important for people to have an artist that they can see themselves through.

Everyone has different styles and tastes in what type of art they prefer and what music they listen to.

Having a relatable style is important so that the person viewing can feel seen and recognized.

For me, music is what I love the most, especially soul music.

Music allows people to escape reality, get in touch with their emotional side, and feel a deeper connection to an artist. Music is an art form that should be appreciated.

People need to have a relatable artist. Especially for people who are hard on themselves, it’s good to have an artist they see themselves in.

Many times, an artist can help people get through dark times.

When an artist writes music about issues they are experiencing, they tell people that they understand the pain the listener going through.

They accept it and allow their audiences to know that they are not alone.

When you have an artist that you really love, they help you understand yourself better and reflect on who you want to be.

While the art itself has tremendous value, the person making it has a responsibility to recognize that their audience and fan base that looks up to them.

Something I have noticed in the music industry is that musicians do not realize the significance or scale of the responsibility that they carry.

It is not all about the music but the people they inspire.

There’s something in that person that people love and they want to hear their voice. They are a spokesperson for people who feel as though no one understands them.

Music helps ease that feeling and a lot of times music helps people navigate difficult times, especially from the voice of the artist they feel like they are connected to.

Artists also have the power to change the world through the people they inspire.

Artists have the ability to shape the world we live in with their creations, changing how people view the world.

We need an artist in this world who we can relate to. Artists can help us get through dark times and show us that things are not as bad as they seem.