Senate 11/26

Hope Fitzgerald

Senate began on Monday night in the library seminar room on Nov. 26 with a full senate surrounding the table.

The topic of the night was old business that had been tabled the previous week, voting on the funding for inviting Tim Wise to speak at Seattle Pacific University.

Wise is a famous anti-racism activist who has spoken at colleges, businesses and nonprofits, and has helped train police officers and teachers in ways to identify and address racism in their organizations.

There was heated debate and questions about the details of president Nathan Samayo’s proposal, even though nothing from the originally submitted proposal could be changed.

Ultimately the proposal was passed with a vote of 17 yes votes, four no votes and two abstentions.

If senate had not voted to pass this proposal, then Samayo explained that money to fund Wise would have to be raised or found elsewhere.

The amount Samayo was proposing for approval was $1500, which would make this event partially funded by students.

Vice President of Finances Sarah Kirschner expressed concern about the amount of money being requested and stated that “the history of past events that ASSP has funded does not have to dictate how we treat future events … like this one.”   

Others also expressed a common concern of whether or not SPU students could be prioritized at the event, and suggestion was brought up to make the event private. A private event would mean that only SPU students and faculty would be allow to attend. If the event was made public, some senators had concerns to whether or not there would be enough seats since it is first come first serve for SPU students.

Samayo eventually stated that he really has considered every members points and said “I am advocating on behalf of making it a private event,” to which faculty advisor Whitney Broteje explained that there was a public web presence out in the open already, although “not by Seattle Pacific University itself”.

Although some showed concern about Samayo’s proposal, were also a lot of supporters in regards to funding it.

Senator Joe Cagley pointed out that he had been to events limited to SPU students where the turnout was less than ideal and stated that “it makes sense it is a public event.”

Another student Vice President of Campus Activities Celeste Ajayi said, “I do not think it being open to the public is detrimental … we should be able to welcome in the public … and fund an experience that is inclusive.”

Since the proposal passed, the Wise event will now be fully funded and is declared to be a public event.  

In Other Business:

ASSP President Samayo is handing off the approved senate proposal of removing and replacing the Statement of Human Sexuality to President Dan Martin on Nov. 27

Vice President of Campus Activities Ajayi announced that there are 30 Nutcracker tickets left and 19 People of Promise Nominations have been submitted so far.

Vice President of Campus Ministries Madyson Fulcher is helping to create an event that will feature a conversation about vocation from President Martin, Chaplain Lisa and perhaps Dr. Mayo and other senate suggested  faculty.

Senator Jireh Rideque announced she would be stepping down from her position as the Senator of Education for the remainder of the year.