SPU funds TC3 Thursday meals

Anya Annear

Bridging social gaps with food, interaction

Emily Hansum, the student liaison to Tent City 3, came to senate with a proposal, this time sponsored by senators Lillian Hollar and Leanna Temple. This proposal will provide the funds for student groups to prepare and serve a meal for the Tent City 3 residents.

There will be nine opportunities for students groups to prepare a meal on every Thursday that Tent City 3 is at SPU. The meal will be prepared in the First Free Methodist Church kitchen and served in the Gazebo room.

Providing funds for a meal on Thursdays will not only allow students to be free of the monetary burden to serve, but also give them an extra opportunity to build relationships and interact with TC3 residents.

Hansum also announced that she is trying to coordinate a way for students to donate Gwinn swipes to Tent City 3 residents.
Senator of Science and Engineering Leanna Temple is excited for this partnership.

“I hope that this experience encourages students to recognize that while we may live different lifestyles from those in TC3, we can bridge social gaps by sharing in community together,” she said.

Hollar, the commuter senator, also partnered with Hansum for the budget proposal. Hollar sees the value that comes from serving together and learning about this marginalized community.

“I think TC3 gives more to SPU than SPU gives TC3. TC3 is ‘loving your neighbor’ in practice. TC3 is also a chance for students to exercise their abilities creatively.

So many student groups are already coming together to start their own unique initiatives. Everyone can all come together behind TC3, and there’s such an opportunity for a certain kind of unity,” Hollar said.

Senate also passed a proposal presented by ASSP Vice President of Ministry Kathryn Baumheckel for a dinner fund of $1,200 for the Winter Retreat. The original proposal saw a reduction from $1,400 to $1,200, ASSP Vice President of Finance Akshy Palanisamy announced.

This fund will be for student ministry leaders who will attend the ministry retreat. The first night of the retreat each student group will receive an allotted amount of funds, giving each student $10 for dinner. The purpose of this dinner is to strengthen team-building.

Camp Arnold has been confirmed as the location for the retreat. The Rev. Leah Thompson from Lakewood Presbyterian Church will be the main speaker for the retreat.

Baumheckel values the time to bond, and promotes the retreat as a time for ministry student leaders to come together as a collective student body.

“It is also really beautiful to see all of the ministries come together in one space with the collected purpose to praise God through who they are and what they do for the people and places they are passionate about around campus,” Baumheckel said.

Baumheckel believes that the ministry retreat will not only benefit the student leaders, but also give back to the student body as a whole.

“This opportunity provides a space for ministry leaders to really think critically about how they can better serve their student body and what they can do to be more loving, respectful and caring towards the people they have intentional relationships with,” Baumheckel said.

In other business:

ASSP President Mary Liu announced that the Student Leadership Summit is coming up in April.

Liu announced that the “State of The Association” will be happening in Demaray 150 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Nov. 30
ASSP Executive Vice President Danielle Meier announced that the surveys for In

Service have been distributed. It is a requirement for leaders to fill out the survey.

Palanisamy announced that STUB proposed to make gift baskets for Tent City 3 residents.

ASSP Vice President of Multicultural Affairs Melissa Del Rio announced that the multicultural retreat has been postponed due to low sign-up numbers. The multicultural retreat will be held during winter quarter.

Del Rio also announced that MNOW, the Multicultural Night of Worship, will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 2, in Nickerson studios from 7 to 8:30 p.m.

Palanisamy announced that the general fund is running a negative balance of $1,214.17, the conference fund is at $466.76, and the club fund is at $3,782.14 for the quarter.