The Revival of The Pokemon Go Craze

Bella Tollestrup-Wimbish

Why we should revitalize this underappreciated game


I remember when Pokemon Go first came out. Everyone was playing it. However, Pokemon Go has become less popular than it was when it first came out in 2016.

This is an unfortunate oversight, because there are so many benefits that come with playing Pokemon Go. The mobile game is wonderful because it brings people of all kinds together outside enjoying nature.

It is exciting to see people of all ages walking around catching their Pokemon, going to pokestops, and hearing all the crazy stories that come with Pokemon Go.

It also promotes healthy habits, because it forces people to walk.

Most video games require that people sit down to play. But with Pokemon Go, you have to walk around and go explore. Physical activity is important and Pokémon Go can motivate people who usually find it hard to find motivation to exercise. It gets you out of the house while encouraging you to be active.

There are all these new advancements coming out with Pokemon Go involving activity. They are going to be using apple health and google fit data to hatch eggs and earn candy.

JV Chamary wrote an article for Forbes called “Why ‘Pokemon Go’ is the world’s most important game.” In his article, he brings up several scientific studies and talks about how studies have shown that Pokemon Go increases physical activity and reduces sedentary behavior like watching TV by 30 minutes a day.

It’s important for people to find activities that get them moving even if that activity is catching Pokemon. Ever since the Pokemon Go craze died down, I see fewer people outside compared to its height in 2016.

When people are walking around outside it creates a sense of security, especially for young adults, namely college students, who have to walk as their number one way of transportation.

Pokemon Go is also a great way to explore all around. Pokemon Go can inspire us to finally go explore those areas we have not seen.

The Pokemon Go Youtube channel features a series called Pokemon Go Travel. This series features different Pokemon trainers around the world. They get to go to big Pokemon Go events that are in different parts of the world like Dortmund, Germany.

Of course, most people are not going to be that invested into Pokemon Go. But we can still explore the areas that are around us because of Pokemon Go. There is so much in our backyards that we have not explored yet.

Appreciating the outdoors is important and since you have to go to certain areas to catch certain Pokemon, the game invites you to explore and branch out.

Pokemon Go is also a game that brings individuals together. It allows people to bond in environments where there are not many interactions between people unless there is an explicit cause.

Pokemon Go can be that facilitator, especially when people go out and walk around parks and public areas like malls.

When you go out and play. It can be a fun experience to talk to people who are also playing the game, and meet someone you might not otherwise have interacted with.

When you spot someone playing Pokemon Go and you’re also playing it, you bond with that person. It allows you to talk to someone you don’t know, and have a commonality through all the Pokemon you both have collected.

Pokemon Go reminds us to hold on to the child within us all. It is a game that encourages us to revisit our youth, to revisit times surrounded by nature, human connection and simple play.In a world that is so serious it’s nice to have a game that reminds us to cherish the child within.

Pokemon Go allows adults to hold on to the best parts of childhood and remember that games aren’t just for kids but for everyone to enjoy.  The game provides benefits for everyone who has been touched by the lovely pokemon creatures.

So if you don’t have the Pokemon Go app anymore, go and download it, get outside, and catch ‘em all!