Senate 4/10/2018

Anya Annear

Senate voted and passed the MODE Fashion Show proposal. The vote was postponed to this week to provide time to reduce the proposal of $7,133 to $4,117.50. The MODE Fashion Club members received a donation from two private donors for a total of $2,050, allowing for the reduction.


A second proposal was also passed.


Editor-in-chief of The Falcon Croix Boston came to Senate to represent the student-run newspaper. The purpose of the proposal was to provide The Falcon with new cameras that will last the paper for years to come.


Boston came to Senate winter quarter, on Jan. 29, to request money for The Falcon to buy two new cameras, but Senate decided, instead of giving The Falcon the total $2,997, to only approve $300, with the full $2,997 being provided during Spring quarter. Senate officially approved the full amount on Monday, April 9.


“If we pull from the contingency fund, what is left in the general fund will just go into the contingency fund. So we are really pulling from the same fund. We are just affecting other clubs that can pull from the general fund during the rest of this quarter. This is a special case where we can pull from the contingency fund while other clubs can’t,” said ASSP Vice President of Campus Activities Garrett Berkey.


“In my head, I think it makes a lot of sense to pull the money now and get the sale, which if we waited, the price would then go up. It makes a lot of sense to pull it now with the Contingency Fund.”


Senate will pull from the contingency fund to fund The Falcon’s proposal. Normally, the contingency fund is only used for capital funds and if the general fund has run out. In this case, The Falcon’s proposal is considered a capital fund, so pulling from the contingency fund before the general fund is empty is allowed.


In Other Business:


1) ASSP President Mary Liu announced that the Professor of the Year Award nominations have been completed. Sixty-four submissions have been received since April 9. A representative from each of SPU’s seven schools have formed a committee to help deliberate who will win the award. Nominations will close this Thursday, April 12, at 5 p.m.


“The committee and I will meet after the nominations close to narrow down the submissions to five candidates. Then they will be presented to Senate next Monday,” Liu said.


2) Berkey announced that the positions for the Outdoor Recreation Program, Student Union Board and Club Coordinator have all filled their coordinator positions for next year. They look forward to hiring next year’s staff members.  


3) ASSP Vice President of Ministries Kathryn Baumheckel announced that the next chaplain has been decided. Once the nominated candidate decides to take the position, Baumheckel will release the name.  


“I can’t tell you who that is as of yet, but I will tell you as that comes, but we are very excited we think that this person will do a really great job in the chaplain position.” Baumheckel said.


4) ASSP Vice President of International Affairs Melissa Del Rio announced that the sign-ups will be happening this week and next week for In Context. The first meeting will be Tuesday, April 4, from 3 to 4:30 p.m.


“It’s a great way to have a conversation about race and privilege in a safe setting,” Del Rio said.


5) The typographer, Alexia Estrada, announced that Social Venture is this Thursday, April 12, in Upper Gwinn from 12 to 7 p.m.


6) Senator Anthony Muro announced that the Senior Gift Committee has decided to join the Bike Club in representing the late student Tristen Kern by creating a bike area to fix and repair bikes on campus.