Senate postpones voting

Anya Annear

This week, Senate postponed the vote for giving the full amount of the proposal for the MODE Fashion Show, which will be on May 21 at 7 p.m. in Royal Brougham. After Senate extended the discussion three times, trying to reduce the price of the proposal, Senate came to the agreement to postpone the vote to next week.

The original amount requested was for $7,610 to fund two projector screens, facility costs and the printing of banners, posters and other advertisements. After the Committee for Student Clubs and Jacob Arzaga saw the proposal, they decided to amend the proposal to $7,510. This was the proposed amount submitted to Senate.

By the end of the night, after the final amendments and changes to the proposal, the request was for a total of $7,433.

Currently, the general fund stands at $7,691.93. With the amount that the MODE Fashion Show is requesting, if approved, there would not be much money left for other club proposals.

“The biggest problem I have with [the proposal] is — and of course I am a fan of showcasing Tristen’s work and accessibility as far as having projectors available so people can see better — but to clubs going on from this, they will have no money,” said ASSP Vice President of Campus Activities Garrett Berkey.

“This week, Committee for Student Clubs saw ten different club proposals and we expect to see ten proposals next week as well. In the interest of funding clubs for the rest of the year, I believe that it is important to consider reducing this bill.”

In Other Business:

ASSP Executive Vice President Danielle Meier announced application deadlines for coordinator positions are available until April 6.

Meier announced that Allocation Board will not be meeting for the rest of the year.

ASSP Vice President of Campus Activities Garrett Berkey announced Spring Move Night will be Thursday April 5 at 7 p.m. in the Gazebo room. The film will be National Geographic.

ASSP Vice President of Ministries of Kathryn Baumheckel announced that Resurrection Week will be April 3 through April 6. There will be events throughout the week, which will include Chapel, breakfast in the Loop and more.

Meier announced that the VP Finance role will be accommodated by the VP Finance-Elect Sarah Krishner as well as Jacob Arzaga, the assistant director of the Office of Student of Involvement and Leadership.

Senator Abby Brandt announced the American Sign Language committee met and formed the petition. They will be asking all of campus to sign the petition to bring Sign Language courses to SPU.