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Concern over political scandal apathy


Since President Donald Trump took office last January, one scandal has scarcely begun being covered by the news before the next one suddenly pops up.

From Twitter controversy to alleged secret meetings, paying off porn stars and accusations of sexual misconduct, the rumors and news breaks are nonstop.

Actually, these scandals began long before his inauguration, some being brought up as early as the primaries.

It seems that nothing regarding Trump or his administration surprises us anymore.
In the past, scandals about extramarital affairs alone have damaged the reputation of many politician, not to mention rumors about abuse of power while in office.

However, it would seem that the usual rules do not apply to Trump. Despite the vast amount of questionable actions, he is unfazed, and usually faces no significant consequences.

Sure, he gets called childish and immature, but aside from encouraging him to go on another rant, does it really affect him?

Honestly, are we, as a public, really affected by the scandals anymore? We are no longer stunned. Instead, with every new event, we care less about the action.

At first, we would speak up and rally, aiming to hold Trump and/or his administration accountable, but there are only so many times you can see your efforts fail before you get sick of trying.

In reality, we are living with an increasing amount of apathy. How many time have you heard “Oh, what did he do now” or “I’m tired of hearing about politics”? How many times have you thought that, or something like it?

The fact that this administration’s scandals no longer shock us creates a culture of apathy that allows them to get away with more than any other administration has in the past, with little to no consequences.

We need to fight our urge to block out the incessant noise that now fills our political sphere which more closely resembles high school than it does a government.

It is difficult and tiring, but to stop caring is to become a part of the problem. Silence only helps the perpetrator.

So, we challenge you to stay active, to try not to become too numb to the degradation that is happening in our nation.