Senate talks budget proposals

Anya Annear

Organizations reevaluate spending costs for equiptment, events\

Senate passed a proposal from The Falcon Editor-in-Chief Croix Boston for money to purchase new cameras, but there were modifications made to the proposal.

Originally, when the proposal went to The Student Finance Board (SFB), the total request was for $1,098 to fund the purchase of two Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera Kits at $549.40 a piece. The SFB, however, reduced the price to $850 on the basis that The Falcon can pull some funds from their budget to pay part of the kit.

“Ultimately, the SPU community would benefit the most. If The Falcon has the adequate equipment, then we can report campus events and personalities to a higher degree of precision,” Boston explained. “We would also stop using the limited resources from other areas of campus such as the art center and library.”

The SFB was also reluctant to pass the proposal due to the increase in budget proposals that occured during Winter Quarter.

ASSP Vice President of Finance Spencer O’Hara said, “Looking at the increased number of proposals that we have from clubs and organizations, coupled with the fact that the general fund numbers are low, we are inevitably going to have to pull from the contingency fund.”

Senate decided that at a later date, The Falcon can return to propose for the full amount and pull the money from the contingency fund.

After two rounds of debate and voting, senate passed the amended proposal from $850 to $300 to contribute to a body of a T6 Digital SLR Camera Kit for The Falcon’s photography staff.

The need for a higher quality camera body will remain, but with the $300, plus some of the The Falcon’s funding, they will be able to buy a temporary camera now. During the debate process, the question was raised as to whether to give the higher sum that was originally promised or to give the lower sum.

ASSP Vice President of Campus Activities Garrett Berkey commented, “Being a good steward of money, why are we putting a bandaid on something that costs $850, when we can fix the whole problem now. The 850 dollars will not be worth anything in two years, whereas the larger sum will last six years,”

The president of Ante Up, David Lee, also brought a proposal in regards to their event: Ante Up All Styles Battle, which is set to be on Feb. 16 at 8 p.m. in Upper Gwinn. Senate also passed their proposal for $2,473.26 for the event.

“We have been doing this event for the last three years. This year we are trying to increase the prizes we will be giving to the winners, and what we spend on the DJ’s compensation,” Lee explained. “We have decreased the prices on the trophies and in other areas of the event so we can compensate for the increases.”

One substantial change that happened to the event was that the Committee for Student Clubs board decided that non-SPU attendees will be charged $1 for the event. That revenue from the $1 will be returned to the General Fund.

In Other Business:

1. ASSP Executive Vice President Danielle Meier announced ASSP Core applications are live as of Jan. 29, and will stay open till Feb. 12. The application will be open for a full two weeks.

2. ASSP Vice President of International Affairs Melissa Del Rio announced that Intercultural Retreat will be happening Mar. 3 with a cap of 30 people. It will only be a day event.

3. ASSP Vice President of Finance Spencer O’Hara announced that the Student Budget Committee will be meeting with Craig Kispert, the vice president of business and finance of SPU, on Tuesday, Jan 30. “Some of the issues we will be discussing with him include equity in the cost of housing. Particularly in the cost differences between Ashton, Hill and Moyer verses Arnett and Emerson,” O’Hara said.

4. O’Hara announced that the General Fund stands at $8,673.52. The club fund stands at $3,506.18.

5. O’Hara announced that Friday, Feb 2 will end the time for increased compensation proposals for on campus positions.

6. Baumheckel announced Association of Ministries on Campus will be hosting a prayer walk around SPU’s Campus on Feb 22 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

7. Baumheckel also announced that Chaplin applications close on Wednesday, Feb. 30. “Over seventy applications have been turned in. So it’s a lot of fun. There are some from across the nation and even some international,” Baumheckel said.