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Calling students to become more involved


This school year is only halfway over, but it’s already time to start looking at the next one.

This is especially true when it comes to leadership at our school.

Earlier this week, an email was sent out informing students that applications for next year’s Associated Students of Seattle Pacific core team are now available.

This is not the only leadership position taking applications, and more are still to come.

Although there are many positions available to apply for, it is very likely that not many students will actually apply.

This is not to say that students don’t care about how leadership is handled on campus, or about the impact the positions have on SPU.

How many times have you heard someone on campus complain about the current state of things on campus, or the current state of leadership? How many times have you?

It’s common to find people complaining about leadership on campus, so why is it that so few students step up and apply?

It is clear that our students want to see change on this campus.

There are a wide range positions in leadership, all which encompass different interests and skill. The idea that you may not be good enough at the job, or that you don’t have the right skills for the job doesn’t hold water.

So here is a challenge for everyone.

Next time you hear someone complaining about campus events or any form of leadership on campus, encourage them to apply for a position.

Next time you find yourself doing the same, consider applying.

If you are upset enough to voice your discontent, then you are passionate about the issue.

Use that passion to do something about the problem.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. However, the next step is to offer solutions.

Only criticizing the problems will not make them change.

Get involved and encourage your peers to do the same.

After all, this is your school. If you don’t care enough to change it, why should anyone else?