Kimbra proves artistic authenticity, passion

Heidi Speck

Kimbra performs new music from Primal Heart album with Seattle at Neumos
When focusing on an artist’s creative work, one’s tendency may be to analyze the purpose for why something was done a certain way. It is possible, however, that the creator may not be aware of what they are doing, because their work mirrors their current emotional state.

This is not to strip artists of their creative genius, but rather to demonstrate that there may not be quite as much intention behind what someone is doing; they just do it because it feels right.

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Heidi Speck | The Falcon | Kimbra’s appearance in Seattle is her third to final performance on tour, with San Francisco, Los Angeles and Santa Ana, CA following. In concert, Kimbra played both old and new songs.

Artists may not create to evoke a reaction from their audience, but rather to express feelings that others can relate to.

Such is the case for Kimbra.

In her past records, “Vows” and “The Golden Echo,” Kimbra has made music that fulfilled her own creative need, but also that shares messages that resonate with the masses.

In her newest album, “Primal Heart,” which will be released on April 20, 2018, she touches on the universality of human emotion, illustrating the phenomenon of art moving people, not because it had that intention to start with, but because there was someone who created it.

“I definitely feel like I access my most powerful self in music. When I’m off the stage or off the mic I’m like any other woman who struggles with insecurities and anxieties … just like we all do,” Kimbra said.

“But I think music has this powerful ability to help us find that inner warrior and face strength. For songs like ‘Goldmine’ and ‘Top of the World’— especially ‘Goldmine’— I write them as mantras for myself.”

“I write them for myself through the hard times and to give me strength, and then hopefully it will [do the same] for others as well.”

On Feb. 11, Kimbra came to Neumos in Seattle to share songs off of her newest album. This stop in Seattle will be her third to last, with San Francisco, Los Angeles and Santa Ana following.

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Heidi Speck | The Falcon

Kimbra played some music off of her past albums, such as the ever popular “Settle Down,” “As You Are” and “Love In High Places,” but Kimbra’s clear focus was to debut songs from her new album.

Kimbra epitomizes the concept of the creative spirit. She loves to move around on stage, engaging with her audience by crouching down in front of them, or reaching out a hand to them.

She laughs at herself when she makes minor mistakes, and talks to the audience about their energy or just how special it is to have an audience who knows her songs so well.

Her performances make it clear that Kimbra is a down to earth person who wants to be seen as a relatable human being, and not as some kind of icon. Despite her avant-garde sound, Kimbra is not a musician for the attention, but because she loves to create. This is what truly sets her apart.

Kimbra’s new album explores a whole range of human emotions. Though she has songs that fit into the pop-culture norm of female empowerment, Kimbra’s music reaches beyond the power that can come from rage.

She speaks to vulnerability and how it feels to exist in this world, as demonstrated in the singles “Everybody Knows” and “Human.” Kimbra’s songs at Neumos focused on the core of humanity, not positively nor negatively, but honestly. These songs come from her new album to be released.

“We look at living in other countries and think, ‘How could we possibly relate to the kind of cruelty and horrific circumstance they have to live in?’” Kimbra said.

“You can sit down with women the same age and talk to them about the things they struggle with. And yes, the circumstances are very different, but at the end of the day it is a lot of the same things: anxiety, loneliness, fear and all of these things.

“And as a woman I can say ‘Oh I’ve been there too.’ I just found a real unity in pain and suffering, realizing that we are so connected at that level.”

Kimbra’s newest album presents a refreshing perspective, away from the aggressive tones of female pop artists in mainstream media. The version of female empowerment that Kimbra presents shows the complex spectrum of human emotion, not solely for women, but for humanity as a whole.

Kimbra embraces these complexities while also demonstrating how it can unify people no matter the circumstance.