Lovecitylove hosts open space for local artists

Emily Eekhoff

Imagine a place like canvas: plain, yet holding great potential for creativity. Lovecitylove is a canvas for Seattle.

This multilevel event space is made to reflect the works and imaginations of those in Seattle.

It serves as a platform for artists to display their work and is open to the unique ideas of Seattleites.

LCL provides a locale for any artist or creative to make theirs for however long they wish to occupy the space. This could be for a night, or as long as a month.

It all depends on the purpose they are trying to serve. LCL hopes to provide artists and spectators alike with a place to harbor conversations between people and prompt creativity.

LCL believes that this place is a reflection of Seattle itself as it shows diverse forms of work. The walls are aged, but made new by the life and inspiration of the visiting artists and creatives in Seattle.

LCL has moved from place to place around the city for the past six years, but is now established on East Pike Street in Seattle.

This past Valentine’s Day was the soft opening for the new event space, as Lovecitylove opened its doors for artist and Event Curator, Tori Kirhara. Kirahara presented her new exhibit titled, “In The Feels.”

Kirhara is a painter and graphic designer based out of Seattle. Her works are largely based off of powerful figures in pop culture and art history.

This was Kirhara’s second installation at LCL, but this time, there was a much wider range of artists and mediums. LCL hosted open performances, live music, and works from various artists.

Among these local artists included: Jesse Brown, Cristina Martinez, Stephanie Morales, Zikora Oidaka, Simon Legaspi, YASSA, Devynn Barnes, Lucien Pellegrin, Maria Kidwell and zozo.

The rooms were billowing with laughs and cheers, and filled with old and new friends. The energy was uplifting, unifying, and safe to all colors and creeds that stepped in to the rooms.

In the past few months, LCL partners Lucien Pellegrin, Zach Self, Grace Kelly and Julian Genette have been working to refurbish this new space to host art installations, pop-up shops and other multidisciplinary works.

LCL hopes to break the mold of the classic event or bar space in Seattle by allowing both art and artistic conversation to flourish.

“[LCL is] one of those places in Seattle that people still feel truly invested in. A place that you can make your own.

Art and music have been a staple of this town for a long time, and with the current climate, that seems to be taking a hit,” Julian Genette, a partner in LCL said.

“If we can keep our doors open, and facilitate a safe space for expression, then we will be an anchor for culture in Seattle for years to come.”

This event space is made to keep up with Seattle, so as long as creativity thrives in the city, so will Lovecitylove.

LCL is ever changing depending on whoever is visiting, so keep an eye out for a pop-up shop, dance party, new art installation, or even a tea ceremony.