Senate Oct. 1

Hope Fitzgerald

New Chief Justice selected

In the library seminar room, several tables were set to face one another in preparation for the student leaders for the new school year to meet and converse.

On Monday, Oct. 1, Senate met for the first time to introduce changes and make announcements that would kick off the 2018-2019 school year.

The most notable event was the voting and passing of a new chief justice for the Constitutional Advisory Board (CAB), Talbot Miller.

The CAB serves to “uphold the ASSP Constitution and By-Laws through constitutional review, grievance resolution, and constitutional certification of the ASSP Constitution and By-Laws, the ASSP Senate, and Officers.”

Executive Vice President of ASSP Kaitlyn Payton informed Senate that Miller had applied the first week of school for the position. She stated that part of CAB’s role is to “make sure that everything is appropriate for next year in the constitution, or amended for what we currently have.”

When asked by one of the senators what strengths he brings to the table, Miller responded, “I think especially with my experience last year, along with being on leadership for a couple clubs, I have definitely gotten a feel for some of those issues on campus, and how some of the things that have not been addressed will hopefully be addressed this year.”

It is important to note that once a member is elected to the CAB they will hold that position for the duration of their time at Seattle Pacific University, until they are no longer able to fulfill their duties.

As the question period continued, Miller spoke in regard to his goals.

“There were quite a few things that need to be addressed throughout ASSP and through the student body as a whole, whether that be through community or the way things are run so that we aren’t losing money or neglecting the needs of students,” Miller stated.

At this point, Miller explained that through his previous experience as senator at large last year, and a first experience with ASSP, “it became apparent through my year there that some changes need to be made to the constitution.” He explained that, when talking to fellow students, many were not unaware that Senate existed or were unsure of what ASSP did.

He continued to say that he wants his job to be “more focused on student needs” and that he is “already working on reaching out to a couple of other very qualified people on campus to fulfill the associate justice roles that are available for CAB.”

The last official act of Senate for the evening was nominating Talbot Miller to the position of Chief Justice, and voting him in or opposing him.

He was voted in to the position of Chief Justice for the CAB with a unanimous vote from Senate.

In Other Business:

ASSP President Nathan Samayo announced he is forming a President Action Cabinet, which will assist the president in areas of pressing concern. He also touched on the reorganization of ASSP, during which it was stated that STUB, ORP, and University Ministries are all leaving the ASSP umbrella and discussing the new roles of the ASSP President and Vice President. The final announcement from Samayo was the application of V.P. for Intercultural affairs is still open.

ASSP Vice President of Campus Activities Celeste Ajayi had the first proposal of the year with the buying of 100 Sounders tickets for the student body. It was approved and she will be selling 100 tickets each with a free t-shirt voucher in addition at no extra charge.

ASSP Vice President of Ministries Madyson Fulcher stated that “all the stuff under my scope is now out of ASSP’s world, so [we will be] working on changing my by-laws and reworking the job description.”
Payton introduced the Senate Social and Senator Jireh Reduque discussed the formation of this potential event, where senators would be interacting with the student body through questions, discussions, and food.