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Seattle Pacific University’s Hindsight History Club hosts trivia night with twist

Rita Chetty, Staff Writer

Second year student Carrie Cox won the “history master coveted cup” for getting the most correct answers throughout the night. (Caitlyn Schnider)

Some may find them childish or foolish, but only the smartest will understand how much they can truly learn from a puppet.

On March 2, Seattle Pacific University’s Hindsight History Club had a history trivia night with the help of some puppets. The night consisted of two episodes of “Puppet History” and many trivia questions. Puppet History is a YouTube show by the YouTube group Watcher. This program includes whimsical puppets teaching about historical occurrences and asking trivia questions to viewers.

Hindsight History Club is known for spreading knowledge, and this was another night of learning history in an engaging way.

Fourth-year history major Megan Nixon was one of the club members hosting and explained how the idea of having a trivia night came about.

“I was having a movie night with a friend. We ended up just watching YouTube videos, and this came on, and we were like, ‘this would be so much fun to do with the history club people,’ cause it’s history, it’s comedy, it’s the perfect little combo,” Nixon said. “We thought it would be a cute little way to get together, eat some pizza, hang out and watch some history videos.”

Nixon described the club’s purpose and the audience they would like to attract.

“We try to advertise to a wide variety of students. Our email list is automatically all history students but we also, when we recruit at the beginning of the year, we try to get a lot of people who are non-history students too,” Nixon said. “We have our Instagram that we post to that is towards the broader student community.”

Second-year physics and mechanical engineering double major Carrie Cox is a member of the club and gave insight into the diverse experiences the club puts together.

“The events I’ve gone to have been really fun. I really love the club leadership and I think they’re really cool,” Cox said. “I’m also the ASSP treasurer, so I know a lot about clubs and club events, and this club is usually pretty active in informative events.”

Cox was the winner of the trivia night, winning a handmade miniature trophy that resembled the YouTube show. Cox went on to say how it was more of an accomplishment as a non-history major.

“How does it feel to win? It feels pretty good to win. I like winning a lot; it’s pretty fun. I think it’s especially fun to win too, as an engineering major,” Cox said.

Because the trivia night seemed more like an exciting get-together of enjoyment and laughs, the night was seen as a success by many who attended.

“I thought [the trivia game] was successful,” Cox said. “I think history is really fun. It’s niche, so you don’t really have to be a history major to enjoy it.”

Cox mentioned how Hindsight History Club is a great way to feel included in the pursuit of learning new information without the pressure to be the smartest in the room.

“I feel like Hindsight does a good job with picking on history topics that you don’t really need to know a super broad context for,” Cox said. “Again, coming in as a non-history major, I’ve never taken a history class at SPU. Hindsight does a really great job at welcoming people in that situation.”

Puppet History covers a wide range of topics that are sure to spark the interest of even non-history majors. (Caitlyn Schnider)

Dr. Becky Hughes, the co-sponsor and co-advisor of the Hindsight History Club, also attended the event and mentioned her excitement and enthusiasm for the club’s intention.

“I think it’s such a warm community and a great way to study history while making friends. The club does a whole variety of events, so that’s one of the really cool things,” Hughes said.

Third-year history and museum studies major Isabel Bartosh brought up how an occasion filled with amusing puppets teaching history in a comical sense could be just what one might need to relax and take a step back from the stress of the quarter ending soon.

“I think it’s great for non-history majors to be involved with history events,” Bartosh said. “It’s more fun to have something like this with a fun history-themed event where you don’t have to be an expert in history. It’s week nine, people are exhausted, so it’s just really nice to hang out.”

Hindsight History Club is a welcoming environment filled with individuals who love learning new things. There are many opportunities to get involved and find out some new facts about a vast array of topics.

“Come, because you’re gonna make friends. And you will get to know really interesting people and really interesting history,” Dr. Hughes said.

Hindsight History Club can be found on Instagram at spu_insight and through the History Department’s Instagram at spu_history. To be added to the email Hindsight History Club’s list, send an email to [email protected] or [email protected].