School’s out for spring

Student plans for relaxing, recharging during break

Perris Larson, Staff Writer

Illustration by Micky Flores-Nieves

March 18 marks the beginning of spring break for students. Considering it is only a week long, students have the choice to get creative with plans or take it as an opportunity to do something rare for college students: relax.

Sometimes going home is the best vacation, especially after finals week and a busy quarter. Seeing family brings a sense of comfort and familiarity to most college students. Freshman applied human biology major Kate Troutman has plans to go back to her hometown, Colorado Springs.

“I’m just going back to see my family and my dog. I am actually flying back with my friend who also lives in Colorado Springs and goes to SPU,” said Troutman.

Troutman looks forward to seeing her dog, Cinnamon, seeing the mountains and meeting up with some of her old high school friends.

Going home is a common theme for spring break plans. Sophomore psychology major Rafi Pezo Acosta has worked ahead on schoolwork to be able to attend a special event for her little sister.

“My sister is graduating high school, so I’m leaving for home during finals week,” said Pezo Acosta.

Besides the graduation, to make the break even more memorable, Pezo Acosta also has plans to get tattoos.

“I am getting two. The first one is Psalm 28:7,” said Pezo Acosta. “The second one consists of two drops of blood to represent family. It also references a Twenty-One Pilots song.”

Freshman Amber English plans on going home to Michigan to see her family as well.

“I’m looking forward to being home and seeing friends and family that I have not seen since Christmas,” said English. “I’m also really looking forward to eating at my favorite Midwest restaurants that aren’t in Seattle.”

Not everyone has plans with family; other students want to plan things that will spark their interests and passions. Senior accounting major Griffey Cuprynski is planning to attend the highly anticipated college basketball tournament, March Madness.

“I’m going because I’ve always been a fan of basketball. I played all throughout my childhood and currently am involved with the team at SPU,” said Cuprynski.

The teams will be playing in San Diego, where Cuprynski will be attending the games alone, but he is nonetheless excited to see it in-person.

“I’m looking forward to the nice weather down there, as well as getting to see my bracket fall apart in-person instead of on TV this year,” said Cuprynski.

Going to special events outside of school can be fun, whether they are with family, friends or alone. Everyone has their own definition of a good time. For some, it is traveling, for others it is spending time with family. But many students have decided to combine those two aspects for their week-long vacation.

Sophomore mechanical engineering major Abigail Young plans on returning home to Portland for spring break, but she is looking forward to a mother-daughter day trip.

“We might make it into a camping trip, but the plan right now is just for the day,” said Young. “Spring break is honestly just to go home and rest for a week, and then come back.”

Senior communications major Raven Vick is also looking forward to going on a sailing trip to the San Juan Islands with her family.

“We plan on sailing for four to five days. I’m looking forward to bonding with my family and spending time with them since we have not been on a sailing trip in a while,” said Vick.

Vacations do not always have to be something extravagant. They can be as calm or cool as anyone wants. Spring break is only a week, and students are deciding how they are going to make it count.