Students’ traditions for a spooktacular night

Perris Larson, Staff Writer

Illustration by Mia Eshima

Ah, Halloween: candy, horror, parties and costumes. A day of frights and delicious delights.

A holiday praised mostly by candy-crazed children, Halloween can still appeal to adults. Young adults might grow out of trick-or-treating, but not everyone abandons the holiday completely. Celebrating All Hallows Eve consists of a broad spectrum of ideas and traditions.

While some enjoy giving candy to children, others are content with Halloween movie classics to complete their evening. The holiday has something for everyone.

Junior business administration major and Residential Advisor Victoria Thornton enjoyed dressing up as a kid for Halloween. Since then, it has always been a toned-down holiday for her. Thornton watches Halloween movies, however she did not understand why many people watched them with enthusiasm.

“I couldn’t really get into “The Nightmare Before Christmas” or ‘Hocus Pocus,’” Thornton explained.

But preferences differ. Junior dietetics major Abby Brown loves Halloween movies.

“My plans for Halloween consist of watching “The Nightmare Before Christmas” and “Hocus Pocus”. I know Tim Burton is problematic, but I still love the movie,” Brown said.

Senior Alyssa Buller, a Residential Advisor and elementary education major, intends to have a casual holiday that consists of other classic movies that people watch to either scream or laugh. Buller intends to celebrate in ways beyond the realm of spooky films.

“I’m probably going to paint some pumpkins with friends, and dress up. We’re either going to watch a scary movie or a nostalgic movie, like “Scooby-Doo” or “Scream”,” said Buller.

The variety found within Halloween movies allows anyone with any preference to be able to find something appealing. Besides movies, the candy and treats aspect of the holiday can also appeal to all age groups.

No matter what dorm building someone is in, it is not uncommon this time of year to walk past a door that has a festive bucket of treats to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. While some students fill up the candy bowl, others create the treats.

Besides her fang-tastic movie setlist, Brown also plans to produce a killer witch’s brew.

“It consists of cranberry juice, apple juice and a bunch of spices. It’s super good,” explained Brown.

Many believe that dressing up does not apply to any specific age group. Adults still adorn unique outfits with their friends and go to costume parties and contests during the holiday. Halloween is one of the few days of the year people can dress up however they want and not get judged for it. Brown believes that costumes are the most memorable part of the holiday.

“My favorite part of Halloween is getting dressed up, even if I’m the only one who does it, I just think it’s so fun,” said Brown. “My favorite costume was during my senior year. Me and my best friend dressed up as Emily Elizabeth and Clifford the Big Red Dog.”

Many students believe that Halloween is one of the most eventful and entertaining nights of the year. Dress up, eat, scream in terror with your best friends. It is a holiday where there is always something for someone to enjoy. For college students with busy schedules, any excuse to have fun can give them a break.

“I feel like we get so in the groove of school that Halloween gives us a chance to have fun with our friends,” said Thornton.