Double shot, iced, or hot?

Coffee shops, confectionaries, and cafés near campus

Perris Larson, Staff Writer

For the cafe with everything, Cafe con Todo not only features gluten-free waffles, hummus toast, and mushroom lattes, but also a dance studio and ceiling hammocks to swing from. (Gabrialla Cockerell)

Whether or not drinking coffee is part of their morning routine, it won’t take long for new Seattle Pacific University students to realize that the beverage is built into this city’s DNA.

Steaming cups of caffeine are part of the lifestyle and culture in Seattle. Fremont, Queen Anne, and other neighborhoods are unique in their own ways, and the coffee shops in all those areas reflect that. For first-year students who need a kick of caffeine, but aren’t sure where to get it, here are some of Seattle’s best coffee shops.

Closest to campus, Two Kick is located on Queen Anne Avenue next to a motorcycle repair shop. SPU students receive discounts at this shop, and it’s the perfect place when one needs a quick pick-me-up before or after classes. In addition, if some are stumped for first date ideas, Two Kick is a convenient location that will result in satisfied customers (as far as the coffee is concerned).

Only a short walk away, past the 7-Eleven on Nickerson Street, is Byen Bakeri, a quaint Scandinavian bakery and a favorite shop of sophomore Student Ministry Coordinator Cadence Moore.

“They have a lot of delicious pastries, and really good chai,” said Moore.

Another Falcon favorite is Queen Anne Coffee Co., which is down the block from Trader Joe’s and Safeway in the heart of Queen Anne. Located next to the Queen Anne Book Company, this coffee shop offers a variety of beverages and tasty treats while providing indoor and outdoor dining.

For those who desire a drink without caffeine or espresso, this particular cafe offers Italian sodas in addition to their coffee and tea beverages. Anyone who enjoys reading a book or sipping an Italian soda should definitely give Queen Anne Coffee Co. a try.

Another well known coffee shop is Storyville. Unfortunately, the Storyville location in Queen Anne is temporarily closed, but never fear! Those who adventure to Pike Place Market, one of Seattle’s classic destinations, will find another Storyville among the shops and vendors there.
This particular shop is a favorite of sophomore integrated studies major Kierstan Moranville.

“In my opinion, Storyville is a must for great coffee. Their drinks are always high quality, and the atmosphere has a very warm, cozy vibe which is perfect for studying. My go-to order is a latte with a chocolate chunk cookie,” said Moranville.

Cafe con Todo is another charming, entertaining and eccentric shop located on the west side of Fremont, near the canal. Besides making mouth-watering mochas, this coffee shop offers a variety of burritos, tamales, and healthy smoothies.

Milstead Coffee Co. and Miir Flagship are two more options in the Fremont area. Both shops are very close to the famous Fremont Troll, and Milstead in particular is the go-to shop for sophomore international business major Sam Brantingham.

“Milstead is a nice 20 minute walk along the canal. Every time I need more coffee beans for my own coffee machine, I go there,” said Brantingham, “The coffee there is really high quality. My go-to order there is a cortado which is a double shot of espresso, with around 2-4 ounces of milk on top.”

Whenever a student like senior exercise science major Briley Olson wants to see more of Seattle, grind on homework, or just have a few moments to themselves sipping a seasonal latte, they don’t have to look far to find a coffee shop that will satisfy every need.

“I love exploring coffee shops around the area to try new drinks, find cute study spots, and explore the neighborhoods,” Olson said. “By trying new coffee shops, I’ve been able to explore the area we get to call home. It’s a beautiful neighborhood of Seattle that I love. The uniqueness of the shops, coffee taste, and interior design make each place a fun experience.”