Season of hardships full of success

All Falcon teams win at least fifty percent of games played on season

Claire Neder scored two goals in the game against Western Washington University at home on May 12th. (Marissa Lordahl)


The Falcons finished the season 10-3, playing most of their games at home this season, in a year where they had to schedule their own contests and play without fans.

The Falcons started the season off with two losses to Whitworth University, but after that, the Falcons dominated their next 11 games and only lost one of those games to Saint Martin’s.

SPU men’s basketball coach Grant Leep has two takeaways from the season.

“First, we saw what the guys on this team are capable of. We had a few guys we had to play in new positions this year and it really improved our versatility,” Leep said. “In addition to having a freshman in our starting lineup all season, everyone with the exception of two players off our bench were freshman as well, so we learned so much as a group as the year went on. Secondly, I think there was a new appreciation for getting to do what we love everyday.”

This year, the men’s team are losing both senior guard Harry Cavell and senior forward Mehdi El Mardi this season.


The team came back during the winter quarter to compete in games that fans could enjoy virtually, finishing 7-7 after their 16 scheduled games for the season. The Falcons started off the season strong with a win against Pacific Lutheran University, but unfortunately, the team lost three of their last five games and lost the chance to play two of their last four games due to cancellation against Central Washington University.

The Falcons are losing one member of their program, with senior forward Ashlynn Burgess graduating. The Falcons had three seniors this year, however, and Abril Rexach Roure and Kaprice Boston are taking the opportunity to come back for another season.


Though Seattle Pacific’s Rowing team did not have many opportunities to compete this season, they still were able to make a case for being one of the best rowing teams in the entire nation. In total, Falcon crews won 13 of 22 total races they competed in.

The University of Central Oklahoma proved to be the Falcons biggest foes on the season, as the Falcons were bested by them in nearly every race the teams competed in, including in the GNAC championships. Even though the Falcons missed out on the reduced format of the NCAA championships this year, they should be back and ready to compete at the highest level again in the spring, even after losing 13 seniors this year.


Nearly every Falcon athlete was able to achieve a personal best in a season where many athletes competed in a meet for the first time in a year. At the GNAC championships, the Women’s team took home the team championship, scoring 208 points, and the Men finished in sixth place in the team standings.

The Falcons had 11 champions, including Jenna Bouyer, Grace Bley, Ellie Rising, Dania Holmberg, Renick Meyer, Scout Cai, and David Njeri. Holmberg and Cai were able to advance to the NCAA Championships in their events. Holmberg ran a personal best time in the finals of the 1500 meter race, running to a personal best time of 4:25.74 and a ninth place finish. Cai finished in 13th in the pole vault.


The SPU women’s soccer team had an outstanding season, full of exceptional defensive and offensive play. The team showed their strength on both sides of the field without fail each game, leading them to an almost perfect season with a record of 8-0-1.

This season, the Falcons had many standout players, including two seniors, midfielder Claire Neder and forward Sophia Chilczuk who recently were announced to be on the NCAA Division II Scholar All-Region and All-American teams.

Chilczuk finished the season with ten total goals, placing her as the top scorer for the team. Neder was the second-highest scorer for the Falcons with eight goals this season. Both will be using their extra year of eligibility and returning to the team next year.

Freshman forward Sophie Beadle also had a great season as she tied Chilczuk for the most assists at eight. As a freshman, she is off to an incredible start and will be vital to the team as they go into next season.


The men’s soccer team only played six games this season, but were able to secure the win in three of them. The Falcons ended with a record of 3-2-1.

This season, the Falcon’s leading scores included junior forward Alden Massey, senior midfielder Travis Swallow, senior midfielder Sam Malloch, and midfielder sophomore Tyler Speer. They all scored two goals this season, accounting for eight of the twelve total goals scored by the Falcons this season.

Massey and Swallow topped the stats again as they and senior defender Alex Mejia all tied at two for the most assists on the team this year.


Although the Great Northwest Athletic Conference (GNAC) did not produce a conference schedule due to coronavirus, Falcons volleyball did have one of the better records in the conference at the end of the season.

The Falcons started their season on the right foot, winning their opening games against Northwest University, which spurred them on the way to a 7-3 start.

The team then split the last eight games of the season, producing a winning record of 11-7.

SPU proved to play better at home with a 7-4 record while only having a winning percentage of .500 while on the road (4-4).