No change in human sexuality statement

Board says ‘no’ to hiring anyone in the LGBTQ+ community

Kyle Morrison, News Editor

The Board of Trustees announced today that it will maintain the university’s controversial statement on human sexuality, despite calls for removal from students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

Executive in Charge Laura Hartley sent an email to the SPU community on April 12 announcing the decision.

“At the Employee Forum held this morning, the Board of Trustees Chair Cedric Davis informed faculty and staff of the board’s recent decision to keep in place certain conduct expectations for faculty and staff related to human sexuality,” Hartley said.

Over the past decade, students, staff, and faculty have called on the Board of Trustees to eliminate the statement. The issue received campus wide attention in January following the filing of a lawsuit by adjunct professor for Nursing Jeaux Rinedahl over sexual orientation discrimination, bringing the SPU community to call on the University to change its hiring policies.

The announcement caused outrage across the SPU community on campus and on social media.

In her email, Hartley addressed the effects the decision may have on the student body.

“Still, I am mindful of how this news about the board’s decision will be greeted. There are students among us who may feel a sense of relief that our policies are not changing, while many others are likely to experience frustration, disappointment, or even anger,” Hartley said.

The link to the full PDF can be found here