Dan Martin announces potential in-person protocols for Autumn quarter

An email sent out to students on March 8 details an optimistic plan to return to in-person classes in the Fall.

Santi Quiroga Medina, Staff Writer

On Mar. 8, SPU President Dan Martin sent out an email describing the University’s plan to open up campus for Fall quarter.

Martin began the email by thanking SPU staff and students for abiding by COVID-19 protocols. He then continued on to say that he and his staff are aiming for a return to in-person instruction, housing, and campus activities for Autumn quarter.

The email specifically says that the SPU staff are currently working with local and state agencies as well as “external consultants” for a safe return to more in-person courses. The goal is to offer a “wide variety” of options for face-face instruction and improved course structures for remote learning.

Martin also mentions potential in-person orientation activities for incoming students and community-based events for all students.

Though this is the goal, Martin also outlines the factors that will determine whether or not this is possible.

“As we prepare, we realize flexibility may still be needed.” said Martin, “Changes in government guidance or other developments may necessitate the adjustment of our plans in which case we will be prepared with contingency plans to continue to advance learning and promote community.”